Sunday, November 18, 2012

Russell is 11 months old!

That's almost one year!  What?  No way.  That went by way too fast!  He still seems like such a little baby to me!

At 11 months old, Russell:
  • Weighs 15lbs 15oz (on a good day).  He has only gained a few ounces in the last two months, so we're a bit worried about that
  • Wears size 2 diapers (and only has three wet diapers a day)
  • Wears size 3-6 month clothes
  • Has eight teeth and hasn't gotten a new tooth in many, many months.  Everyone who sees him feels the need to comment on how many teeth he has for being so small
  • Is still pretty bald, but is starting to get a little bit of a mullet thing goin' on.  He barely has enough blondish hair on the back of his head to "run my fingers through," so to speak, but it's an improvement!  Although, there's nothing wrong with having a little baldie :)
  • Can crawl, cruise, and has stood without holding onto something a few times for a few short seconds
  • Can crawl up and down stairs.  It is sooo nice to not have to worry about him on the stairs
  • Loves to open cupboards in the kitchen.  He isn't into clearing the shelves just for fun yet, but he knows where to find a few things that he enjoys looking at, holding, and chewing on (such as Caleb's fruit leather and Caleb's medical supplies) and will go straight for them when he has a chance
  • Loves to open and close doors--on the cupboards, baby gate, and bedrooms (but not using the door handle...obviously.  He's a wee bit too short for that).  It's nice that he has figured out how to go from crawling to sitting so quickly (he's been doing it for a while now).  He can entertain himself much better because of that.  It took Caleb f.o.r.e.v.e.r to figure that one out
  • Babbles with the consonances m, b, and y and enjoys saying "ffffff" through his teeth/lip.  He doesn't babble very much.  Most of the sounds that he makes are still strictly with vowels, although he is starting to use his vowels to make conversational sounds, which is fun
  • Loves touchy-feely books.  He knows how to turn the pages, and knows just where to put his fingers to find the textures
  • Still loves the cat like crazy
  • Looooves to dance.  He's got some groovy moves.  He also has great taste in music.  Check it out:

  • Cries like a maniac when he wakes up in the morning/from his nap.  He very rarely wakes up happy
  • Loves Caleb more than anything.  Just a touch from Caleb will make him roll in laughter.  He will literally chase Caleb all through the room, trying to head butt Caleb (his head is currently the most ticklish part of his body).  It's quite comical.  Usually Caleb pushes him away, which makes Russ laugh
  • Loves holding things in his mouth.  He isn't opposed to crawling with things in his hands (yeah, he can balance on those egg-shaped musical shaker thingies), but if he wants to hold more than what fits in his hands, he puts his toys in his mouth.  I honestly think he thinks of his mouth like a third hand.  One time when Auntie Jenna was playing with him, he had one toy in each hand and she had a toy that he wanted.  He tried to grab it with a spare finger, but couldn't grasp it, so he reached forward with his mouth and grabbed the toy.  He's pretty cool like that
  • Waves to everyone he sees
  • Smiles to everyone he sees
  • Has clapped once
  • Is ridiculously attached to his mommy.  Sometimes just giving him to Daddy will make him cry.  He turns away from everyone who reaches for him if I'm holding him.  He still follows me out of a room, and he'll cry if I leave the room too fast
  • Loves to eat our daily lunch smoothie (made with apple juice, spinach, carrots, chia seeds, peaches, strawberries, and blueberries), freeze dried baby yogurt bites, baby cheetos, and wheat toast with butter and homemade apple butter.  He enjoys sinking his teeth into fresh apples, although he really doesn't eat them.  He also loves to nurse (only 2-3x/day), although I'm 99 percent sure that my milk is 99 percent dried up
  • HATES pasta, eggs, and hot dogs (the first time I offered them to him, he ate 1.5 hot dogs!  Since then, he won't even put one in his mouth).  Most other foods (like baby cereal, jarred baby food, and "real" food) he will take a bite or two of, and then turn his head away and absolutely refuse to eat any more.  He often puts food in his mouth, chews on it for a second, and spits it out.  If you sneak something in his mouth that he doesn't want, he will spit it out
  • Drinks formula from a specific type of sippy cup and will take some water from an open cup or a straw cup, but doesn't drink much.  The most that he has ever drank in a day was 7oz.  That was incredible.  He averages about 2oz.  It's not rare for a day to go by without him drinking any formula.  Remember how I said that he isn't getting anything from nursing?  Yeah.  It's bad.  Remember this post from when Caleb was 13 months old (10 months adjusted)?  Caleb was in really, really bad shape with his eating.  But the least that he ever drank in a day was 7oz.  That's the most that Russ has ever had.  And I could always get Caleb to eat just a little bit more by distracting him.  Distractions don't work for Russell.  That's why Russ had a swallow study a few weeks ago.  We wanted to make sure that his lack of drinking wasn't due to aspiration, since he often coughs while he drinks.  His swallow study showed that everything was fine.  And that's why Russ is having a scope done next week.  At this point, I'm expecting him to be diagnosed with an eosinophilic disorder.  Based on some of his symptoms (coughing while drinking, bloating, and alternating constipation and diarrhea with mucous in his stools), I wouldn't be surprised if they found eosinophils in his esophagus and/or his colon.  That would make things quite different from Caleb's type of EGID.  Tonight Nate asked me, "So, do you think he'll get a feeding tube if he does have eosinophils?"  Who knows.  I would love it if he didn't need one.  But he can't be dehydrated forever.  Hopefully if we could get rid of the offending foods then he would feel well enough to want to drink, so we could avoid the tube.  But let's be honest.  I'm not counting on anything right now.  All I know for sure is that if he needed a feeding tube, I would want to skip the NG tube and go straight to the g-tube.  There is no way Russell would stand to have a tube in his nose and taped to his face.
  • Will most likely be getting feeding therapy (and probably speech therapy at the same time, by the same therapist) in a few months.  The nice thing about that is that we would use the same feeding therapist who has been coming to our house since Caleb was about 4 months old!  We love her!
  • Is getting more and more fun as his personality develops more.  Today we brought him to a restaurant for the first time since he has been able to eat solid foods, and he had so much fun smiling at everyone!  He used to be very antisocial (to the point of me losing sleep over the possibility of him having autism), but now he has become quite the charmer!  He loves other babies, and likes to "talk" to them.  He has a BFF named Henry.  Every time they see each other, they smile and laugh.  It's adorable.  Henry's older brother is Caleb's BFF, so it's perfect!

I was canning apple butter one day with apples from our trees while Russell was playing in the kitchen.  He started fishing in my bucket of apples and pulled out the smallest apple (with lots of leaves on its stem) and was very happy to chew on it all afternoon.


*Alice Anne* said...

I love his happy laugh/screech! :D ... omg, he's no longer a baby!!

Kim A said...

What a cutie! I've never met a kid who didn't like hot dogs though...too funny!