Sunday, June 2, 2013

Home Improvements: Bar Stools

After completing my last project, I kinda got the itch to paint every piece of wood in sight.  Ok, not really...but almost.  ;)

I've got some free pallets out back begging for me to turn them into cute things for my home, but I decided to start with the kitchen bar stools.

They started out completely devoid of personality.  Just kinda there to do their job and nothing more.  Same color as the cupboards...and the floors...content to blend in.  We bought them for something like $5 each from the previous home owners.

There is a lot of white in my kitchen these days, which I loooove.  You'll see pictures some day.  :)  But the walls are green, which I also love.  So I thought it best to turn these plain ol' stools white on the bottom and green on the top.

I had everything for this project on hand already, so it was free!  That's the best kind of project.

I started with sanding them, then took a break for lunch, then sprayed on some primer.  After the boys were down for their naps, I painted the tops a mixture of green and white.  The green I had was leftover from painting the walls, and while I wanted the stools to go well with the walls, I didn't want it to be the exact same color.  So I used one part white and six parts green and mixed them together.  How do I know the exact proportion?  I used a 60ml syringe to suck it out of the paint can.  The benefits of having a tube-fed child.  ;)

After painting the top part green, I went to dinner.  Then I came home to some beautiful weather and painted the legs white.  It was a bit of a pain, but took less than two hours.  I painted them upside down on top of another stool, so I didn't have to bend down or sit on the ground to get in all of the cracks.  At the same time, I painted the under side of the seats green.  After putting the boys to bed, I used some sandpaper to rub off some paint to make them look worn.  Then I brushed on and then wiped off my magical Rustoleum decorative glaze in Java Brown.  Here is how they looked at that point:
I was pretty excited to see just how much I could do in one day!  But I went to bed with visions of numbers dancing in my head....

So during nap time today, I put on the finishing touches:
 I used Microsoft Word to print off the numbers.  The font was "Engravers" and the size was 450.  I placed the piece of paper with the number where I wanted it on the stool and then traced around the number with a pen, pressing pretty hard.  When I took the paper off, I could see the indentation from the pen when looking at it from the right angle with the right light.  I used a small paintbrush to fill it in with black acrylic paint.  I have yet to put on a coat or two of wipe-on poly to protect it
I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.  Not bad for a free project!  My house is slowly getting more and more character as I get more and more confidence!

What do you think?  Are you a fan of the new "number" trend?  I'm not totally on board, but I think it's just right for this kind of thing and if I ever get tired of it it'll be super easy to paint over.  But for now, I'm loving my new stools.  :D

TDC Before and After


Megan said...

Loving your home improvements. Kind of makes me want to buy an old house, kind of. OK makes me feel ok that if that is what we ended up with then it will be perfect! I didn't realize the number thing is a thing! Either way I love what you are doing!

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

Love you stools! I recently purchased three for a buck each and have painted them. I also plan to put something on the top. I can't decided between numbers, recipes for something else! I tend to overthink things!! LOL!