Monday, June 24, 2013

Russell is 18 months!

My little Russ is already a year and a half!  That's halfway to being 3!  He's now closer to his second birthday than he is to his first!  It just doesn't seem like he can be that old to me.  Maybe it's because he's my baby.  Maybe it's because he's so bald, or so small.  Who knows.
At 18 months, Russell:
  • Weighs 19lbs 9oz on our infant scale at home and 19lbs 15oz with a full belly at the pediatrician's office.  That's just below the charts
  • Measures 31 inches, which is in the 14th percentile!  He's been making up for lost time with his height, which is great news.  Only one inch to go and he'll be too tall for his infant car seat!  Caleb outgrew his infant car seat at 24 months
  • Has a head circumference in the 41st percentile.  He's only a little bit disproportionate ;)

  • Fits size 12 month clothes perfectly
  • Walks like a pro, but absolutely does not run yet
  • Crawls up stairs, slides down them on his belly, and will attempt to walk up and down them when holding onto my hand
  • Uses a spoon and fork to eat his meals!  We don't give him a fork very often, but when we have he proves that he knows just what to use it for.  And he loves to eat his pureed bananas and applesauce with his spoon.  It's pretty nice.  I'd say that his utensil skills are at about the same level as Caleb's at this point.  Caleb just doesn't have the motivation to practice.  Russell is motivated by hunger, which is pretty awesome
  • Loves fruit leather more than any other food.  He also enjoys freeze dried yogurt bites and olives and raspberries, which I'm pretty sure he only eats so much of because he loves putting them on his fingers.  He absolutely will not eat more than a bite or two of a fresh banana unless it's pureed
  • Will often refuse to eat anything until I put ketchup on it.  Yes, he is a huge fan of ketchup
  • Drinks 6-10oz a day of toddler formula and up to 8oz a day of Caleb's hypoallergenic formula that comes in juice boxes.  He often wakes up requesting a "box."  Most kids won't drink that stuff 'cause it really tastes nasty, but Russ likes it!  It's very comforting to me that he loves it so much.  It's good for him, and if he is ever diagnosed with an EGID like Caleb and has to go on diet restrictions, it will be an important part of his nutrition
  • Loves "preschool time," where he and Caleb sit at a little table together and Russ colors with crayons while Caleb learns about the letter-of-the-day
  • Can follow many simple directions, such as go throw this in the garbage, go give that to the dog, lay down so I can change your diaper (in fact, if I say anything about how he needs a new diaper, he'll lay down on the floor wherever he is so I can change him.  It's pretty nice), go get your shoes, go get in your high chair (of course, he can't get in it himself...but he waits by it for someone to put him in it), etc
  • Is obsessed with shoes and socks (his own, not others'...although he has tried putting on other peoples' shoes and walking around)
  • Has a favorite game--peek-a-boo!  He absolutely loves it when I hide around the corner and jump out at him and say "boo!"  He also loves it when I say "boo" as I pull his shirt down over his head.  He loves peek-a-boo in any form
  • Could plant himself in my lap and read book after book.  He doesn't always have the patience for long books, but he has the patience for many, many books in a row!  He especially loves the touchy-feely books.  And he especially loves saying "NOSE!" and touching his nose to the touchy-feely parts of a book.  He can also identify animals and their sounds in books
  • Loves babies.  He really does.  He pats them gently on the head and bends his head down on the floor to look at them and smile.  It's adorable
  • Looooves helping us feed the horses.  If we just mention feeding them, he excitedly goes to the door and says, "Neigh!  Neigh!  Neigh!"

  • Is super gentle and sweet with the dogs and cat

  • Seems like a pretty healthy, typical, yet extremely fun and charming and irresistibly adorable toddler this week.  Not a care in the world (unless he doesn't get his way...he's prone to throwing himself on the ground and screaming dramatically if he doesn't get something that he wants).  But last week I was convinced that something was wrong, that he was in pain and it just wasn't ok.  He goes back and forth like that every few weeks.  He often cries in his sleep at night for about 10 seconds, without even fully waking up, and he's almost always so extremely clingy.  I see other moms set their kids down and walk away from them and my jaw drops. Seriously?  People do that?  I can't do that with Russell.  I can't even walk towards another room without Russ breaking down.  I finally decided that if there's a chance that Russ is in pain, it's my responsibility to make sure that we take care of it.  As his mom, I need to make sure he feels good.  So I made an appointment with another GI doc in the area who seems to be up to date with EGIDs (more so than Caleb's GI) and I intend to request an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy right away.  I hate to put him through that, but more than that I'd hate to leave him hurting every day.  And if he does end up with an eosinophilic colitis diagnosis, doing tons of colonoscopies to followup with treatment will become his new normal and we'd look back on his first 18 months wondering why we ever hesitated in the first place.  His appointment is the end of July, and then we'll schedule his scope hopefully some time in August

  • Knows over 50 words.  I counted.  ;)  The pediatrician said that kids this age should know about 20, so he not only caught up really quick (he didn't know a single word 6 months ago!), but he passed up our expectations and is doing awesome!
  • Has quite a sweet tooth.  You can't eat a cookie in front of him without him insisting on eating one, too.  He's just like his mommy (or Money, as he calls me)
  • Is a dancing fiend.  Some day I'll get a video for you.  For now, this will have to do:


Coffee Mama said...

He is so precious! Love looking back on all that and enjoying it again with your boys through your blog. Good luck with the scope. I'll be keeping up to date.

Alice Anne said...

That first picture is so gorgeous! Look at those eyes!