Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Caleb is SIX!

I seriously can't believe that Caleb is a whole six years old!  That just seems so old to me!  Here is what Caleb is like at 6 years old:

  • He weighs 33 lbs 5 oz.  That's 5 ounces less than he did on his fifth birthday.  :(  He got up to 34 lbs 15 oz in February, and we tried an informal tube wean during the summer, since he went through a phase where he cried every time we needed to give him formula, saying he just wanted to eat by mouth.  He is doing a fantastic job eating orally, but even with a bolus of formula when he's asleep at night, he just can't eat enough to grow.  So now we're stuck with the perpetual dilemma of tube-feeding: trying to give him enough formula to grow, but not so much that he's always so full of formula that he's never hungry.  I hate having to pick between a kid who eats or a kid who grows.  It seems that we just can't have both.  :(
  • Measures 42 inches tall.  I don't have a record of his height when he turned 5, but he seems to be a whole lot taller!  
  • Wears 4T and barely started wearing 5T clothes.
  • Makes friends easily at school.
  • Has a hard time handling frustrations.
  • Loves to sing.
  • Wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up.  I made him this paleontologist cake for his birthday, with a dinosaur and dino eggs hidden between the layers.  He loved it!  It was also gluten-free (this recipe, but I subbed in an all-purpose gluten-free flour) and dairy-free, to accommodate Caleb's dietary needs, and also happened to be free of the top 8 most common allergens!  And it was actually pretty fast and easy to make and decorate!  Win-win-win-win!

  • His favorite color this week is red.  He has never been able to decide on a favorite color, so we'll see if this sticks!
  • He is very indecisive.  Whether it's picking a favorite color or a piece of Halloween candy to eat, it takes him forever to decide anything!
  • He is coming along well with math.  The other day, after being tucked in bed, he called me back to his room to tell me that he had counted to 300.  Just yesterday he asked me what 6+6+2 was.  I asked him if he knew, and he thought for a minute, then gave me the correct answer.
  • He is doing quite well with reading, too.  He can read a lot of things by sight, but he doesn't feel confident enough to sound out words (even though he knows all of the sounds of the letters).  He can sound out words, but most of the time he just figures out what the words say based on the context and pictures on the page.  I don't see any problems with that!  Although it would sure help if he would just start sounding them out.
  • His teacher said at parent teacher conferences that he is doing great in school.  He is nice to everybody (which is what's most important to me!) and he scored as high as possible on the testing she has done (basic stuff, like being able to identify all uppercase and lowercase letters).  She also said that his attention span is completely normal, hallelujah!  
  • He has started spelling and writing his own words:
     "Russell: I
    love you Caleb.  To Caleb." (He was writing a note from Russell to himself, having Russell tell him he loves him.)
"[Cat picture] your a a god bhyr," when interpreted means: "Captain Hook, you're a good behavior."
(Looking back at this, I should have let him finish putting on the "ll" at the end before taking the picture.)
  • He has a curl in the middle of his forehead that's so stubborn and prominent that he even includes it when he's drawing pictures of himself.

And in keeping with tradition, here is an interview with 6-year-old Caleb!  He was in a somber mood, which made it easier to record him, but it doesn't accurately show his crazy personality.  Still, he's got some good stuff to say!  It's a bit long, so if you don't want to watch it all, the best parts are the beginning and at about 6 minutes.

Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that my life turned upside down when you came 13 weeks early at 2 lbs 7 oz, and sometimes it feels like another lifetime.  You are the most positive, energetic, forgiving, clever, silly person I know.  You test my patience every day, and I'm sure I'll thank you for it some day.  You've always been my inspiration and my example and I cherish you and the chance I get to be your mom.  We love you, Crazy Cal!

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