Thursday, December 3, 2015

Zacher is Half a Year Old!

Happy six months to this happy boy!
At half a year old, Zachary:
  • Weighs just about 16 pounds and measures 26.3 inches.  That's in the 21st and 33rd percentiles, respectively.  His head is in the 44th percentile.  He officially weighs as much as Russell did on his first birthday!  Zachary has more than doubled his birth weight, which is pretty incredible to me (supposedly that's how healthy babies roll!).
  • Wears size 2 diapers and size 3-6 month clothes.  Since his brothers were born in the winter, and he's the same size as them when they turned 1 year old, he fits all of their winter clothes.  It's ideal!

  • Looooves rice cereal, doesn't love applesauce (but still eats it, although somewhat grudgingly), and has had bananas once, and...LOVES them!  (Although, his cheeks have been beet red since eating that worries me a bit.)  He's also a fan of munching on baby mum-mums.

  •  Also loves eating his feet, but only realizes they're available for eating when I'm changing his diaper.

  •  Holds his own bottle, which is a first for me!  I still hold it for him often, because he can't do it flawlessly yet, but mostly because I enjoy snuggling him while I feed him.  :)

  • Still nurses before every bottle feeding, which is time-consuming, but I do it because it's best for his tender tummy.  Also, since dairy formula causes bloody stools and soy formula causes extreme spitting-up, he drinks alimentum, which is crazy expensive.  So having an ounce or two of breast milk at every feeding helps a little.  But the good news is, he seems to be doing ok with alimentum, so we don't feel the need to desperately seek out donor milk like before, which is nice!

  • Loooves our dog and cat.  And they love him.

  • Gives kisses!  And they're real kisses, too, not just "I'm hungry so I'm going to eat your face!"

  •  Is caught sucking his thumb every now and then, but not often.  He doesn't take his binky often any more, either.  Usually just when we're out and about and he's tired but too overstimulated to fall asleep on his own.

  •  Sleeps like this at least half of the time.

  •  Really enjoyed that time that I let him teethe on a carrot.

  •  Fits in with his crazy brothers!  One thing's for sure, my kids don't lack personality!

  •  Is a serious pro at sitting up.  I don't remember the others catching on this fast.  He's just a natural.

  •  Is just plain awesome when we walk the big brothers to school.  Zach is very content to be strolled around the neighborhood.

(This is his extremely happy face...I never catch it on camera because it's a whole-body smile and it's always blurry.)

  • Is so insanely happy almost all of the time.  All you have to do is look at him and he'll flash you a gummy smile.  I think he's got a little ray of sunshine hidden in his chest and it always wants to come shooting out.  This boy really does make me happy when skies are gray!

  • Only dislikes one thing: having his nose wiped.  He doesn't even mind having his face cleaned, but his nose?  NO WAY!
  •  Blows raspberries with the best of 'em.  This is him practicing his duck face.

  •  Is a pretty great snuggler.  He's content to let me squeeze him tight every day.  I love it.

  • Is really good at pivoting around to face where he wants, and is soooo close to crawling!  He gets on his hands and toes often, as well as his hands and knees.  He sometimes seems frustrated with his inability to move, so I think it'll be happening soon!
  • Isn't very vocal (it's weird to have a quiet baby, after having my first two chatterboxes!) but does sometimes say "daw-daw-daw-daw."  Not "da-da-da-da," but "daw."  It's cute.
  • Strangers call him "Blue Eyes."  I kinda feel like it's a travesty to not dress him in blue clothes.


getting ready to crawl

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Alice Anne said...

So. Dang. Adorable. ... That duck face! Hahaha.