Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pictures of our Wonderful Life

The Kid eats like a horse. Here he is, all happy to be in his high chair:
And showing off his teeth (all the better to eat cheerios with):
And The Dog, where she keeps post while The Kid eats. You never know when a stray cheerio might fall to the ground, requiring her to clean up. It's a rough job, but thank goodness The Dog is willing to do it:This is how The Kid sits up on his own these days:
"See? I worked hard and now I have four BIG teeth!":
We went to the zoo the other day. As you can see, The Kid's Mommy-proclaimed favorites are monkeys:
I fear he may be too big for the bouncy chair (if you can't tell, he has rolled completely over to his belly, despite being strapped tightly in):
Lots of play requires lots of sleep:

We love our life.


Nana said...

What big beautiful eyes he has! Glad to see photos of him growing, I miss that being so far away.

Katie B said...

Those are perfect pictures- you must be having so much fun! Yes, his eyes are particularly adorable. What a kid!

Natalie said...

He's doing so well sitting up! You must be thrilled and relieved for what that means in his future. This is fantastic news.

The Girl said...

@ Natalie: Seriously! The PT said that head control and sitting up are the two biggest factors in determining whether or not a baby will walk (as I'm sure you know), and with his brain bleeds, it's a HUGE relief to see him sitting up right when a baby his age should. We've been working hard on it, too.

Megan said...

Wow Anna he seems so much bigger than Dayton now. In size he is not but developmentally he very much is. He is so handsome these days, not just cute-HANDSOME!! I am glad you guys are so happy and he is doing so well!

Ellie said...

They look so old sitting in a high chair and eating... Noah loves his. I can't believe how fast those teeth are growing! Big boy!