Friday, November 5, 2010

Copy Cat...or Dog

Lately The Kid has been mimicking words that I say. I still don't know if he understands what he's saying, but he appears to understand "dog." He says "da!" when he sees Meggie Dog. He loves her. He's been doing it for a few days now, but today he actually put a "g" on the end. I was quite impressed.

Today he said "dada" many times when pointing to his beloved daddy. He also said "ducky" and uh-oh" in the bath and "baby" when looking in the mirror. Of course, it was more like "duh-y," "uho," and "bayba," but still. Not bad for a kid who's only supposed to be nine months.

This isn't the best representation of what he's been doing, but it's a little taste.

And please excuse the mango-face.

I think he's well on his way to being a chatter-mouth. :)

And in other news, I'm fairly certain that he's allergic to food dye. Stink. He's had a nasty cold (probably RSV, but he's handling it very well, so the doctor isn't worried) and I gave him Benadryl (at the doctor's recommendation) and he broke out in hives. Once the hives clear up, I'll be starting to introduce him to cow's milk (since his birthday is next week and I've only got a few day's worth of pumped milk left in the freezer). Hopefully he can digest it alright, or else I'll have to try soy or almond milk. It's clear now that he hates formula. I don't blame him. It smells weird.

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Heather said...

That is so cute! We cannot wait to see this little boy in December!