Monday, November 8, 2010

World's Best Husband = MINE!

Ok, so I'm not a picky eater, per se, because there aren't a lot of foods that I dislike. The problem lies in the fact that if something doesn't sound good to me, I just can't eat it. I never lost that pregnancy symptom.

I think it bugs my honey.

So last night he presented me with this, written on a piece of paper:

Welcome to Purser-bees
where every Purser bees awesome

Main Courses

Tacos ben dacos--Beef tacos that are muy delicioso. Comes with cheese, beans, sour cream and salsa. Served on your choice of soft or hard tortilla shells.

Pizza Bien--Pizza that is delicious. Served with your choice of toppings on bread, hoagie bread, biscuits, tortillas or whatever else you can think of.

Mambo Italiano Pasta--Pasta that is delicious. Sauces available include white and red. Pasta available includes all sorts of kinds. One of the chef's personal favorites comes with mild or hot Italian sausage.

Stir fry a la wok--Delicious chicken stir fry, I mean chicken stir fry that is delicious. Comes with chicken, veggies and your choice of rice or noodles.

Meal of the Sea--Delicious tilapia with your choice of sides. Baked tilapia comes with your choice of rice or potatoes. Also includes some form of veggies.

Brunch for Dinner--Delicious breakfast food. Not finalized but probably includes the standard hash-browns, bacon, and eggs.

These are the same choices that we come up with every single night, that I never want to eat. But last night?

I chose Tacos ben dacos. They were very muy delicioso. :)

And he made it for me and everything. Then he did the dishes and put away the leftovers.

I think tonight we'll have Meal of the Sea.

And to top it off: The Kid pooped in the bath for the first time last night. The weird part? I didn't even notice. He was clean when I took him out of the tub! The water wasn't dirty, just soapy! (Dove soap makes the water cloudy, so you can't see through it.) Then, when The Boy drained the infant tub, it was very evident. And The Boy cleaned it up. Even with his overactive gag reflex. Sure, he almost threw up (many times), but he still cleaned it. He's so wonderful.


*Alice Anne* said...

I love how you started this post talking about food and ended it talking about poop. LOL!

Nana said...

As I was reading the first part I was composing a comment in my head, 'Delicious!' But then I read the last part and thought that saying delicious probably wasn't the right word. What a nice son-in-law I have!

Pearce said...

LOL, Nate and his gag reflex. Almost as bad as his fear of . . . ;)