Sunday, November 28, 2010

Party Animals...My little Monkey's first birthday party!

What's this I hear? A party? For ME?!

Is this how it's done?

Oh, that's funny!

Wow. That's cool.

And yummy!


OoOoOo! What's this fun toy?

Yeah, this is the fun part.

Whoa. That's pretty neat. [This is his favorite present.]

I could get the hang of this.

Hmmm...that looks like fun.

Oh! That's a little yummy!

Let's get a little more of this goodness!


Is there something in my teeth?

Yeah, I'm really enjoying this!

It's everywhere!

Ya want some? [He ended up eating that whole cookie.]


ecometrochic said...

love it! looks so fun! Had a high councilman ask me if Maxwell was two today...

Katie B said...

You've got a seriously cute one year old on your hands. Nice work on the cake, Caleb!

Niki said...

Look so fun! He did a great job eating the cake!!