Monday, March 29, 2010

Evolution of Sneezes

When The Kid was XXS (I'm talkin' under 4 lbs), his sneezes went like this: His arms would stretch out straight and then clap together over his body. Sometimes, his hands would miss each other and he would give himself a hug. It would happen for every "a-choo," and there would be multiple "a-choos" each time.

As he got bigger, his elbows would bend and he would hit himself in his face while sneezing. See (if you want to skip to the sneeze, it's at about 43 seconds):

That was just a few weeks ago.

More recently, he just brings his fists in towards his shoulders. I hope that when he's an adult he gains some control over his arms while sneezing, or else he may end up with a black eye, spilled drinks, etc. It may be embarrassing for him. Until then, I just think it's adorable.

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Katie B said...

you can't put that on the internet, it's too cute for viewing.