Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another random pregnancy update!

33 weeks 3 days (today)

There is no rhyme or reason to these updates. It's just when I think about taking a picture and actually get around to finding time to blog (ok, ok, I could find time if I made time, it's just harder to prioritize these days).

I didn't realize how big I have gotten until I saw this picture that Nate just took. that a torpedo hiding under my shirt? When did that happen?

And I'm pretty sure the baby has "dropped," whatever that means. I woke up one morning (actually about a week and a half ago) and I felt like my belly had changed a little bit. I could tell just by looking in the mirror that the baby wasn't sitting as high as he used to. I'm not worried about it being a warning that I'll go into labor soon, because I certainly didn't drop with Caleb until I was in labor and started pushing. I carried him really high the whole time.

Speaking of labor, my doctor told me that my progesterone shot at 32 weeks 5 days would be my last one. I was under the impression that my last shot would be at 36 weeks, but I was too excited thinking about not having to poke myself in the rear with a needle every week that I didn't think to ask any questions. But everyone I've talked to says that their last shot is/was at 36 weeks, and it seems that most people deliver 2-2.5 weeks after their last shot. Soooo, I'm not comfortable with having my baby next week. I think I'll go ahead and give myself just one more shot and go from there. That should take me to 36 1/2 weeks, at least.

Speaking of not having a baby yet, I'm totally not ready to have a baby yet! I mean, technically I'm ready. I have diapers and clothes and a place for the baby to sleep. But I'm just not uncomfortable enough to want this to end! Sure, there are times when this little guy naps in my ribs (but I just push him right back out, he gives an objective kick, and then we both settle into a more agreeable position). And sure, I have a hard time sleeping (but seriously, it's not because I'm uncomfortable. I just can't sleep!). But it's really not bad. I'm in no way miserable. I'll have to reevaluate that one in a few weeks too, I suppose. :)

Well, ok, there are two parts about being this far along in my pregnancy that aren't all too enjoyable. One is the pelvic pain. Youch! It's like the whole 26 pounds that I've gained is resting right on my pelvic bones and whenever I'm vertical it just aches. The other less-than-wonderful part about being this far along is that I can't bend over. If I try to put my socks on, I have a contraction. If I try to pick up the crayon that Caleb drops on the floor, I have a contraction. If I try to get up off of the couch, I have a contraction. I have to think about what I do before I do it, because it just might cause yet another really painful contraction. I feel a little bit like an old woman who can't get up if she bends over. But the nice thing is that some day, most likely in a month or so, I won't feel like an old woman any more! I will be able to play on the floor with my little boys and keep up with them and not think "ugh" every time I have to do a little task! That doesn't happen if you really are getting old! I get to be young again! Isn't that splendid?

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Heather said...

I'm glad you haven't felt TOO uncomfortable. I felt the same way once I was into the 30s. Of course I was excited for pregnancy to be over, but I felt like I shouldn't complain compared to what lots of women go through. I hope the healing afterwards goes well too- then you'll be on the floor playing with those cute little boys.