Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The (not-so-lovely) Bucket.

I do believe my child is now trained to vomit in his "throw-up bucket." Sad, isn't it? And also quite wonderful, in a depressing way? When he coughs just a bit, he runs and grabs his bucket and holds it in front of his face. (He always coughs before vomiting.) He hasn't successfully thrown up in it without help, though. But it's just a matter of time. He calls it his "throw-up bucket" and everything. I mean, it's sad enough that my 24-month-old's vocabulary contains the word "throw-up." But I think my life just became a little bit easier. Less wardrobe changes, thus less laundry. Less scrubbing of the floor on my hands and knees. If vomit must be a part of our everyday life (which it has been for the last two months), then this just made my life a little bit easier. Thank you, Bucket.

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