Monday, November 7, 2011

The things that make motherhood so sweet:

  • I opened the google chrome browser and Caleb saw the Angry Birds icon and said, "Angy Birds!" How he learned what Angry Birds was, I may never know.
  • Caleb loves to count. More specifically, he loves to identify when there is more than one of something, i.e., "TWO puntins!" (pumpkins). Sometimes, if there is more than two of something, he'll say, "A lot of puntins!" Just yesterday we realized that he knows that when there is more than one of something, you put an "s" on the end. "A dog" vs. "Two dogs."
  • The other day he looked out the window and saw the horses. He knows Hank's name, and when he saw Laci, he said, "TWO Hanks!" It reminded me of the time when my niece was little and said, "I have two Auntie Jenna's, only one's an Auntie Anna." (Remember, Jenna is my identical twin sister.) Too cute.
  • Caleb is getting very good at forming more complex sentences. A few common examples: "I see d temple!," "Where'd d temple go?," "A puntin with a face!," "Uh, oh, I dropped d pad," "Uh-oh, I made a mess."
  • He is in love with LDS temples. We have a picture of a Temple on a small card, and every time he finds it he brings it to me and says, "Adain?" (again) because he wants me to sing the child's song "I love to see the temple." While I sing, he carefully puts the picture on the floor and looks at it as he dances (more like sways) to the gentle music. One day, after it was dark, we decided to drive by the brightly-lit Temple to see what he thought. He recognized it right away. From then on, every time he would see an LDS church building (they are all over the place, and they have spires on the top), he would shout, "I SEE D TEMPLE!" He has since learned that it's a church that he sees, so now he excitedly proclaims, "I see a church!"
  • Nate has a co-worker named Pearce. Every time Pearce comes over, he will find an item (a blanket, a box, a book) and ask Caleb what it is. Caleb will answer correctly, and Pearce will say, "No, it's a hat!" and put it on Caleb's head. Then he will ask Caleb what the item is again, and Caleb will usually say, "A hat." A few days ago, Pearce was visiting along with a friend. His friend asked Caleb what the dog was, and Caleb answered, "A hat!" Ummm...I wouldn't suggest putting Meggie on your head, Dear Caleb, although it was very clever of you to make that association.
  • Caleb loves to look at my belly to say "hi" to the baby. After saying "hi," he will wave to the baby and say, "Bye-bye, Baby. Yuv you." (love you) and give my belly a kiss and insist that I pull my shirt back down immediately. The other day, Nate was bathing Caleb, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and Caleb was copying everything that Nate did. So, Nate took his shirt off and did a nice, loud Tarzan impression, banging his chest with his fists while singing/shouting, "OooooOooooooOooooo." Caleb watched him do this, and when Nate was done, in a very unimpressed tone Caleb said, "Bye-bye, Baby," and continued to play in the bath. Yep, he wanted Nate to put his shirt back on immediately.
  • Caleb has become a little bit of a snuggler lately. He's been much too busy most of his life to make time to snuggle with Mommy, so I've been enjoying it. If I am laying on the couch, as I often do, he will come to me and say, "Up?" So, I pick him up and lay him in front of me, sort of in a spooning way. He will lay there for about two seconds and then say, "Uh-oh, blanket," or, "Uh-oh, cup." Then he will hop down, grab his blanket and cup, and come back to me and say, "Up?" He must snuggle with his blanket and cup (even though he hardly ever drinks from his cup).
  • He has learned the difference between little and big. He loves his "yittle blanket," (little blanket), a soft blanket made of four blanket squares. He also loves to put his two pumpkins next to each other and identify them as Yittle Puntin and Big Puntin.
  • Caleb pronounces all of the "L" sounds at the beginning of words with a "Y" sound. Yittle, Yight, Yeaves, Yove.
  • Caleb loves to identify things that are "yuty," (yucky). We have a mesh laundry bag of dirty button pads (the soft fabric pads that we put around his g-tube to protect the skin from the booger-like discharge), and he loves to point to it and say, "Yuty pads." Just today he noticed some dirt on the floor and told me it was, "yuty." When he throws up and we have to change his clothes, he says, "bye-bye yuty shirt." We always know when he's done throwing up because he says, "Bye-bye, yuty."
  • One of Caleb's favorite games is, "Where'd Caleb go?" He will run behind the couch and say, "Where'd Cal-ba go?" When he comes back around to the front of the couch he explodes with laughter and quickly runs away to play again. And yes, he pronounces his name "Cal-ba." It sounds a lot like "cowboy."
  • When I sneeze, Caleb says, "Achoo, Mommy." I think he thinks he's saying "bless you." Close enough, right?
  • He loves the movie Finding Nemo lately. He calls it "Nemo Fish." Now he calls our pet fish "Sunshine Fish."
  • Caleb can identify, almost flawlessly, the following colors of crayons: blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, red, brown, pink, and silver. But he can't identify the color of anything that isn't a crayon. He tries, but he gets it wrong almost every time.
  • Caleb knows that the baby's room is the baby's room. When he walks by the door, he says, "Bye-bye, baby room."
  • He knows that "bye-bye" and "see ya" are synonymous. He also uses dog, doggie, puppy, and puppy dog interchangeably. Same with horse and horsie; rabbit, bunny, and bunny rabbit; etc.
  • When we are doing something to Caleb that hurts him (wiping him after a dirty diaper when he has a diaper rash, cleaning around his feeding tube when it's sore), he cries, but he says in a very tough way, "Bye-bye OWie! See ya, OWie!" over and over, through his tears, as if he's demanding that the owie go bye-bye. He is one of the toughest, strongest people I know.
  • He knows that a kiss always makes an owie better.
  • When we tube feed him in the middle of the night, sometimes he wakes up just enough to look at us and smile. We whisper, "I love you," and he whispers back, "Yove you." Melts my heart.


Nana said...

Made me laugh out loud at the vision of him telling his daddy, 'Bye bye baby' so he'd put his shirt back on! And it sounds like Caleb has picked his own nickname- Cowboy!

Katie Groneman said...

You're making me pine for when Lindy is old enough to talk... so cute.

Pearce said...

Crazy coworker!