Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Caleb wanted to color the other evening, so we let Russ have a go at it, too.  He was a big fan!
He even held his crayon properly!  (Caleb has never once held his crayon correctly.)  He is also obviously right-handed, like his brother.  I suppose I'll have to be ok with being the only southpaw in the family.  Darn.
Russell's longish attention span definitely contributed to his success with coloring.  It's a weird adjustment for me.  I'm not used to having a kid who can stick with the same activity for over two minutes!

 Then this morning we did a "craft" at the request of Mr. Cal.  Caleb painted a sun catcher on his homemade light table (which is pretty cool, if you ask me--and just ask me if you want to know how I made it and what I use it for).
 Russell colored with crayons...until he started biting the tops off of his crayons, at which point I took them away and he had a 30-minute meltdown.

Here is a video of Russell coloring for the first time.  He's got it down!  His little feet get going like that when he's especially happy.  :)  He had to get up at the end of the video to dance for a second while Caleb sang Good Time (by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen).

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