Monday, March 4, 2013

Boy's Best Friend

Caleb is growing up (*tear*), so it was about darn time we got him a decent white button-up shirt to wear to church.  It was Saturday night, and we were excited for him to wear it for the first time the next day...when we realized that he didn't have pants that matched his one and only tie.  So, I sewed him a new tie that would match his pants.  Now I need to sew him some pants to match his old tie!  And a few more ties, since they were oh so easy and insanely cute!

He was excited to wear it when we woke him up on Sunday morning.  I told him, "It's a bow tie, like Donald Duck's tie!"  He said, "No, Donald Duck's tie is red, Mommy!"  And so it is.  I should have known.

He left it on all day, and when we got home from church I was going to take pictures right away.  Then I noticed that he fell in the mud on his way to the door.  Oops.  Oh, well.

We went out to the front porch anyway, and El Capitan joined us.  Caleb is in love with this cat.  And the cat is the best cat I've ever known.  He puts up with so much from that toddler!  He's the perfect balance of affectionate and aloof.  And he's so pretty!  He's not a boring, plain ol' short hair, but his hair isn't so long that we find it everywhere.  You would never know that he naps on my bed now and then.  No pile of hair.  It's great.

So what was going to be a photo shoot to capture the adorableness of Caleb's Sunday best turned out to be a photo shoot to capture the bond between a boy and his cat.  And he happens to be wearing an adorable (yet dirty) outfit.

 I told Caleb to give Captain Hook a kiss.  So sweet!
 Then Caleb told Captain Hook to give him a kiss...and he DID!  Notice the tongue on Caleb's cheek?  How perfect!
 So much joy on that sweet little face.


Chris and Linnea Lindstrom said...

I just love all of these! Priceless!

Kari Pike said...

absolutely adorable! I can't believe the cat kissed him like that. wow. Love it!