Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Caleb's favorite

One of Caleb's most favorite things to do is read books.  Going to the library once or twice a month is like Christmas to him!  One of his all-time favorite library books in called Hondo and Fabian.  The illustrations are so sweet, and it's a wonderfully soothing book for bedtime.  Hondo is a dog who goes to the beach to play with his friend Fred.  Fabian is his fellow pet, a cat, who stays home and plays with the baby.

Of course, Caleb has to spice it up by replacing "Hondo" for our own dog's name, Meggie.  He also replaces "Fabian" with our own cat's name, Captain Hook.  Hondo's friend, "Fred," is Auntie Jenna's dog, Sadie.  And the baby is our very own Baby Russell.

Without further ado, here is Caleb reciting his rendition of Hondo and Fabian: (he's a little quiet, but if you turn it up and enlarge it, you can see the words on the page, which will help you understand him)

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Katie Bradley said...

How precious! Caleb has such a sweet voice. And has such great cadence while reading!