Friday, March 1, 2013

Smarty Pants!

Every time Russell finds a rag or a wipe, he "wipes" up whatever is nearest to him.  The chair, the floor, the book....This is one of those milestones that took Caleb FOREVER to meet.  I always thought it was because I didn't spend enough time cleaning my house.  ;)

It's interesting to see how smart my boys are in different ways.  Caleb gets a lot of credit for being smart because he talks so much and is so witty and social.  He has an amazing memory and can learn anything that we set out to teach him.  He can command the attention of a room by laughing and asking questions and being so darn cute.  I remember his first birthday party.  He knew that the day was about him, and he soaked it up.  After his first few bites of his cake, everyone began to mingle and eat and talk among themselves, and Caleb realized that he wasn't the center of attention any more.  So instead of crying for attention (which is what most 9- to 12-month-olds would do), he burst into laughter!  The whole room noticed and thought it was adorable (it really was!) and they all laughed along.  He has always had that kind of personality.

Then the other day Russell pushed the step stool up to the wall so he could reach the light switches!  That's something that Caleb never thought to do until the past year!  Russell is very aware of his surroundings.
 He also pushed the step stool up to the kitchen table and climbed on up.  He was pretty proud of himself.  Then Caleb thought, "Hey, that's not a bad idea!"  So he climbed up, too.
Russell is also very self-aware.  For a while now he has been "helping" to put his clothes on by putting his legs up for me, stretching his arms out, etc.  Caleb still has problems with that.  He's so caught up in talking to us while we dress him that he lets his legs go into the same leg hole, or puts his arms out of the neck hole of his shirt without realizing it.  It's quite frustrating at times!  He also won't pick up his feet when I lift him out of the car seat, so they drag along and get caught in the crook of the car seat and his boots get pulled off.  Not fun to fix when he demands to put them on by himself in the parking lot in the snow and cold.

Anyway, the point of this is not to compare my kids.  I just love that they can be individuals.  They're both so smart in such different ways, and I think that's great.  I hope I can raise them to help each other, not to compete with each other.  It's just so fun to see them blossoming into individual little people with strengths and personalities and wants and dislikes.  They're so incredible in so many ways.

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