Friday, April 26, 2013

Home Improvements

Well, it's April and I'm just now telling you about my New Year's Resolutions.

I have the same resolutions every year.  Read my scriptures and write in my journal every day.  And I've done it every day for 10 or 11 years now.  I don't want to break the streak, so I resolve to keep at it.  ;)

But this year I realized a few important things about my home:
a) My boys and I spend a lot of time in our home, and I want it to be a comfortable place to be.
b) I hate that embarrassed feeling when someone comes over and you have to explain, "Well, our house is certainly a fixer's our starter home...we bought it for the land, not the interior...."  I want to be relaxed and appreciate my company when they come over, not worry about their impression of our home.
c) It's my job to make our home comfortable and inviting.
d) I want to be proud of our house.  Plain and simple.  I'm proud of where we are in life--both with college degrees, a house, two beautiful children, a good job, and no debt other than our mortgage.  We're livin' the dream!  It's just hard to remember that when I'm home all day in a home where I don't feel that comfortable...which brings us back to the beginning.

So.  I resolved to make our home a place that I can be proud of.  And with only a third of the year gone, I must say things are coming along!

Before making this resolution, there were many things that we had already done to improve our house from the condition it was in when we first bought it.  We:

  • installed a dishwasher
  • replaced the fridge (which broke)
  • replaced the microwave (which also broke) (all of our kitchen appliances are now the same color and even though they aren't the same brand, the look great together!  Yay!)
  • replaced two exterior doors
  • sanded and painted the front porch railing
  • sanded and stained the front porch flooring
  • cleaned up a lot of leftover junk in the back yard (lots!)
  • built a shed for the horses and their hay
  • finished the chain link fence to keep the horses in the pasture and out of the yard
  • removed the upper cupboards in the living room (I wouldn't be surprised if the former owners found those cupboards at the dump and thought, Hey!  Let's put these in our living room!  Not my favorite feature.)
  • painted all three upstairs bedrooms
  • sewed a lot of stuff (which I will blog about!)
  • completely renovated the powder room on the main floor (which I will blog're gonna love it!)
  • completely renovated a downstairs bedroom (Jenna did most of the work...I would blog about it if I had gotten before pictures.  It was quite the transformation!)
  • and more....
Things I've done recently that I plan to blog about:
  • put up a beadboard backsplash in the kitchen
  • transformed the dining room (including painting the trim)
  • painted, finished the sheet rock inside, and fixed the doors (sizes and latching) on the built-ins
Things I still plan to do (and blog about) this year:
  • paint the play room/living room
  • refinish the old hardwood floors
  • replace the old, original windows
  • find a way to organize the kitchen so as to decrease the clutter
  • put baseboards and door trim up where it is lacking (unfortunately, it's missing in a lot of rooms!)
  • replace the last yucky exterior door
  • paint the front door a fun color (I'm thinking plum!)
  • replace the vinyl shutters with homemade black board and batten shutters
  • paint the rest of the green exterior trim black to match the new shutters
It's pretty comforting to see that my "accomplished" list is bigger than my "to-do" list!  And I've already had two people come into my home and say, "Wow!  It looks so different!  I love it!"  One of those people hadn't been here for over 10 years, and he said that when he last came here it was in baaaad shape.  He said we've done great things to it.  That makes me feel pretty good.  :)  I can't wait for everyone who comes here to feel invited, comfortable, and maybe even a little bit inspired by my tastes.  And I can't wait for you all to see it documended, too.

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Megan said...

This is awesome! It sounds like you have done so much!! I definitely want to come see it when I am in utah again and that would only be the bonus of seeing you guys. I know the fridge last year ruined your plans for replacing the windows so I hope you can do it all! I know I love the pictures of your dining room now so I am sure the whole house is soon to be amazing, it already is much more so!