Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Russell is 15 months! (plus almost a month...)

Russell had his 15 month checkup a few weeks ago.  Here is where he's at with development and milestones these days.

At 15 (almost 16) months, Russ:

  • Weighs 18 pounds, which is below the charts.  He weighed 18 pounds on March 18th, and has gained 2oz in the three weeks between then and now.  Well, he gained more than that, but then he lost it, like he always does!  He loses weight even when he seems to be eating well!  This is a problem in my eyes, but the pediatrician doesn't see it.  He just says it's Russell's pattern and that's just how it goes, although he never feels comfortable going three months between appointments, so we always go in every 1.5 months for a weight check.  The GI is aware, so we'll see what happens
  • Measures 29.25 inches, which is on the charts!  He has never been on the charts before!  He was a short 18 inches at birth and grew really slowly from then on, so for him to actually make up some height and get up to the 5th percentile is great news!
  • Wears size 6-9 month clothes.  Some of them are a bit tight, but most of them fit just right
  • Is almost ready to graduate from size 2 diapers to size 3.  Since we use Costco diapers for him, we didn't think we'd make it through another huge box of size 2 diapers, so we bought size 3.  They're a tad bit awkwardly big on him, and they don't get very soaked, but oh, well
  • Has been walking more than crawling for about a week now!  I guess if I had to put an official age on it, I'd say Russell started walking at 15.5 months old.  Caleb was 16.5 actual months old, 13.5 months adjusted for prematurity.  It's really weird to me that Caleb, who was at such high risk for cerebral palsy, walked when he did while Russell took his sweet time.  I don't care what anyone says, I think it's nicer to have a walking baby than a crawling one!  By this age a kid can get into anything they want whether it's by walking or crawling.  When they walk, at least they can go outside without getting dirty (and crawl on my messy floors without getting dirty...hehe!), they can keep up with older siblings, etc.  And plus, it's just so darn cute to watch him waddle like Frankenstein! I like having a walker :)
  • Knows lots of words!  It's hard to tell if you don't speak "Russellese," but he says things like:
    • balloon: boon
    • milk (sign)
    • hi (to every.single.person in he goes in!)
    • bye-bye
    • doggie: dajie (sounds a lot like how he pronounces "Daddy")
    • Mommy: Money
    • up: ah
  • He also puts words together, like signing milk while saying please (sounds like "peas"), saying "arf" (for dog) while signing please (he really, really wanted to pet that dog at the park!), signing milk while saying more, etc.  I suppose he mostly combines a lot of signs with spoken words to make his own sentences.  Whatever works!  At this point we're able to request that he says please before giving him something, and up before we pick him up.  Hopefully some day it will reduce his wining...
  • Loves climbing on everything he can!  He has a creative mind, this Russell!  He constantly gives Caleb new ideas of ways to get into trouble!

  • Loves identifying the sounds that animals make...but always just rotates through moo, baa, and arf.  He very excitedly points to the horses every time he looks out the windows and and shouts, "MOO!  MOO!  BAA!"  No matter how hard I try to teach him, he just won't say, "neigh!"
  • Although he thinks every animal either says moo, baa, or arf (or all three), he does know that dogs always say arf and monkeys always say "Oo!  Oo!"
  • Knows to say "cheese" (chee) for the camera:

  • Caught on to Easter egg hunting:

  • Gets weird rashes from time to time, tempting me to bring him to the allergist (he currently has a rash on his face from when he slept on his left cheek during his nap yesterday and it just won't go away):

  • Takes one nap in the late afternoon and sleeps at night from 9PM to 10AM or later.  He doesn't always fall asleep right away when we put him down, but he goes down without a fuss.  That's my boy!
  • Gets really cranky and clingy in the evenings (and sometimes all day).  This evening I set him down when he saw a toy he wanted to play with on the floor, then I had the gall to walk out of the room, four feet away from  him, for literally 10 seconds just so I could turn the light off in the other room.  How dare I.  He was so upset that he was clingy and cranky for the rest of the evening (or at least what I saw of him...I had somewhere to be after dinner, so Nate took care of him until bed time and he may have been able to divert his attention away from being so terribly upset).  This is normal for him
  • Tries to be a big boy, and looks so cute doing it!
  • Is still bald as could be, as you can see, although he does have a little somethin' in the back!  And I think it's blond, but I could be wrong ;)

There are lots of other cute little things that Russell does from day to day that contribute to his cute little personality that I just love (like giggling and shaking his hands every time I shake his formula in his sippy cup for him.  He thinks it's just hilarious when I say "a-shake-a-shake-a-shake-a" while shaking it.  Silly boy!), but I could never remember all of them!  I sure wish I could, because we're making great memories these days!

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