Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my kids eating.

I used to take videos of Russell holding and downing a sippy cup of formula, because it was something Caleb never did willingly, and it wowed me every time.  I'm weird, I know.

Hot dogs on bread with ketchup (which he didn't actually eat any of, but he had a great time playing with it):
 Eating a turkey sandwich, just like Fabian the cat does in his favorite book, Hondo and Fabian:
 Spaghetti with sauce:
 He saw Auntie get out some pasta for lunch, so he got his leftover spaghetti out of the fridge and sat on the arm of the couch next to her and they ate together:
 Chocolate chip pancakes:
 Macaroni and cheese!  That's like...regular toddler food!:
 More mac'n'cheese:
 Scraping the jam off of a piece of bread (which he wouldn't eat) with a freeze dried apple (which he ate a few of):
 Pizza!  For real!  He "decorated" it himself!  He did a great job eating the toppings:
 Olive finger. *snicker*:
 Russell's olive finger, too:
 Nate got something from Burger King with a coupon, but the only thing Caleb could have from it was the ketchup.  So he ate (ok, more like tasted) it like this:
 Making cookies together for the first time!:
 The beautiful cookies.  They actually tasted pretty good, too!:
 Steak, baked potatoes, and green beans.  A real cowboy meal.  Granddad would be proud:
My all-time favorite dessert place is Maui Chill.  It's about two miles from our house, and it's owned by some friends of ours.  My sister and I go there at least once a week and a few days ago we discovered that there is a flavor of sorbet that Caleb can have!  Here he is eating mango sorbet at Maui Chill:
 He finished his first 3 ounces in no time at all (seriously, he didn't even pause to talk!!!) and this is him declaring "I want more!"
So we got him seconds.  :)  Can you blame me for spoiling him??

And all of these things were free of dairy, wheat, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.  Pretty amazing, huh?

I think other moms pack goldfish crackers and fruit snacks in their diaper bags.  I'm most likely to pack olives and mini pepperonis.  Both kids love those like crazy.  (I don't.)  Caleb's other favorite foods are cookies and turkey sandwich meat.  He isn't a big fan of bread, bananas, or hot dogs.  We have to push him, but he will drink 10-15oz of chocolate coconut milk mixed with rice milk each day.  The rice milk is higher in calories and calcium and costs less while the chocolate coconut milk is higher in fat and iron.  He gets 5oz of hypoallergenic medical formula mixed with 5oz of rice milk (straight formula makes him throw up) with his feeding pump at 60ml/hour while he sleeps at night plus a few quick ounces through his tube right before bed.  He lost half a pound in the first few days with decreased tube feedings, but he has now gained back almost all of it!  That's pretty amazing!

This is a strange and wonderful world that we're living in!  We're certainly enjoying the new changes.

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