Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Minnesota: Granddad's House

We had lots of fun adventures at Granddad's house (my dad's house).  

When we first got to the farm, Russell made a mad dash for the horses, shouting, "'sie! 'sie!" (that's how he says "horsie."):

Then we went fishing.  My nephew put a shovel into the ground and dug up a few worms, put them on a hook, and dropped the line into the water right next to the dock.  Within five seconds he pulled out a little fish.  Caleb was excited about it, but wouldn't get too close.  Russell wanted to poke it in the eye over and over:

Caleb sure felt important holding onto that pole:

Russell was happy to poke the worms:

No shortage of tractors at this farm, which the boys loved:

Of course they each had to go on a short tractor ride:

This boy was in heaven:

A view of the house.  I grew up there!:

A view from the house, looking down the driveway to the barns.  Caleb thinks that big red barn=farm.  So even if you have 1000 cattle, it's not a farm unless there's a big red barn!:

The view of the lake just behind the house.  Minnesota has the best sunsets:

Some loons (or were they ducks? I can't remember) flying over the quiet lake:

Taking a dip in the water:

My boys weren't big fans of swimming, unless you were twisting them around in the water:

This skinny minnie got cold fast and wanted Granddad to snuggle him:

Belle is getting old, but she's still so cute!:

A family of rocks found under a tree on the walk back from the lake:

The lovely view:

Russell was a huge fan of visiting the pigs.  He had fun giving them snacks:

Caleb enjoyed them, too:

A beautiful view of the horses grazing:

Russell loves animals of all kinds, but especially cats.  He tried to give Pumpkin a stick to play with...yeah, he's too used to Auntie JB's puppy, Sadie.  He insisted that Pumpkin take that stick from him, and was confused when she wouldn't:

We all had a great time at Granddad's house.

I have concluded that my boys need a farm, ASAP.

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