Sunday, July 28, 2013

Minnesota: Mall of America

Our last day in Minnesota we devoted to the Mall of America.  That place is crazy.  We bought some souvenirs and debated going to the aquarium.  It's pretty expensive, but we knew that Russ would absolutely love it (he looooves fish), but was it worth it just for an 18-month-old's simple enjoyment?  Absolutely.  Most of the trip was catered to Caleb, because 3-year-olds just get so excited over things.  So it was nice to do something just because Russell would love it.  And we all ended up loving it anyway, so it was a great choice!

 We got to pet starfishes:

And they had like a billion jelly fish:

Jelly fish are fun to photograph: octopus:

Star fish on the glass:

Sea horses!  I think the was my first time seeing sea horses:

They were cool.  Did you know that they hold themselves still by grabbing things with their tails?  I didn't know that.  For some reason I just thought they floated in place:

After the aquarium, we debated if it was worth it to go on rides in Nicelodeon Universe (formerly Camp Snoopy, which was a much better name).  After all, we weren't sure how many rides our little guys would be able to go on.  We decided to buy a few tickets anyway, and we're so glad we did!  There were tons of fun things for toddlers.  We didn't get a lot of pictures, but here are a few....

Let's start off with Blue.  We're big Blue's Clues fans in our house:

Last year when we went to Sea World, Caleb went on a ride like this and absolutely loved it.  It goes up high and then drops down, fast, a little bit at a time.  The entire time he was on it, Caleb said, "wee!" and held his hands up in the air:

Driving the big truck:

And again, the big dropping thingy.  They aren't even ready to go yet and Caleb already has his hands in the air!:

What else did we do in Minnesota that didn't get documented with pictures and blog posts of their own?  We had lunch with a family that Nate taught on his mission.  It was a blast.  If it wasn't for a long overdue nap time for our boys, we could have spent all day with them!  We're going to be great friends when we move back there some day, I just know it.  We also got a deal on tickets for a big bouncy house center and went with our friends and their three boys, ages three and under.  Let me just say, the kids had tons of fun, but it's possible that the parents had even more fun!  I think I know what Caleb will do for his fourth birthday party....

It was all together a glorious trip.  We saw so many wonderful friends, Caleb slept in a big boy bed in the hotel all by himself...and only fell out two of three nights.  We figured out how to feed Caleb on trips--almost no eating out, and a lot of hot dogs, fruit snacks, spinach, and poppy seed dressing.  And we enjoyed Minnesota so much that not a day goes by that I don't think about moving back.  Some day.  Some day....

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