Monday, July 15, 2013

Minnesota: Nana's House

We spent a glorious 11 days in Minnesota, visiting family and friends and seeing the sights.

First stop: Nana's house.

We stayed with my mom, on her little farm, and the boys just loved it!

Nana had tons of little chicks for the boys to admire:

Some beautiful horses, who are smart and like to help each other get the horse flies off.  There is no shortage of bugs in Minnesota!:

A beautiful horse who can outshine the sun:

A cousin who is only three months older than Caleb and shares his love for all things with wheels:

A sweet little newborn cousin who Russell absolutely fell in love with (me too!):

Ahh.  Nothing better than holding a sleeping newborn:

Nana is brave to let three little boys eat watermelon on her couch!:

Russell is working on his not-so-flattering-photo-skills while playing the piano:

He also must select the right piece to play:

And play it perfectly:

Nana got this rooster while we were visiting (since the neighborhood fox got her other ones!).  Russell was absolutely crazy about the chickens, so Nana let him name him:  Bok.  Because, naturally, Russell would enthusiastically shout "bok, bok, bok!" every time he saw a chicken.  So we lengthened it to Bok Choy, because that's what we had in our stir fry for dinner that night.  ;)  But Mr. Bok Choy the Rooster won't be going in Nana's dinner.  He's much too pretty:

And much too friendly:

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Nana said...

I loved having my house full of children again. I almost hated putting the toys away! Come back, come back!