Saturday, September 18, 2010

A healthy dose of irony.

Journal entry from 10 November 2009:

"Tonight Nate and I started painting the baby's room. I just want the next three months to go by fast so that I can see my son. I'm so excited to have him. I wonder all of the time how big he'll be and what he'll look like. I hope he has my eyes, Nate's nose, my lips, and Nate's smile. I wonder if he'll have hair or not, and what color it will be. I wonder if it'll be curly. I know that he'll be handsome and have my heart no matter what. He already does."

Yes, I was huge for 27 weeks.

If I only knew.

Two days later I found out that my baby was 2 pounds 7 ounces, had my eyes, my nose, and Nate's lips and smile. He had lots of dark, wavy hair. I was right; he was handsome. And he had my heart even more than I thought possible.

He was pretty big for 27 weeks, too.

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Katie B said...

That kid is so amazing. I can't believe how well he's doing. And he's absolutely handsome, no doubt about it.