Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's gotta end some day...

Yesterday I told myself that it's coming to an end. I decided that today I would only pump twice. My supply is steadily decreasing and it's time. I've come to terms with it, and it's OK. Next month The Kid and I will fly to The Northwoods, and by then the whole lactating thing will all be over. And it'll be so nice.

But's my regular pumping time...and I feel like an addict. I can't just not do it. I think I'll just pump for 20 minutes, instead of my regular 30.

After all, providing milk for my baby is a good thing, but spending day in and day out pumping (at this point) is a bad thing.

And All Bad Things Must End.


Natalie said...

It's a bitter-sweet goodbye, isn't it? Good job for making a brave, hard decision. Love you, Girl!

Ellie said...

You are a GREAT mom. The Kid is sure lucky to have you!