Monday, March 14, 2011

Another letter to KV Pharmaceutical...

I have to appologize. After a few deep breaths (ok, more than a few...) and a lot of thought, I decided that getting mad won't accomplish the objective we are working towards--KV Pharmaceutical lowering the price of Makena. So, if you wish to send this one as well, here is a much nicer e-mail that I have come up with (although the first one pretty much sums up my emotions):


Dear KV Pharmaceutical,

On behalf of all families who are effected by premature birth, I am writing to ask you to reconsider the recent price increase of the drug Makena. I am very concerned that women who need Makena and who don't have the funds for it will deliver prematurely and have children who suffer and even die as a result. I feel that it is my responsibility to do all that I can to prevent this from happening. It is truly horrible to watch a tiny baby fight to live. I look forward to the day when all babies can be born healthy. Together, you and I and many others are working towards that goal. The price increase for Makena is a huge step back.

Please take this into consideration and make it possible for babies born into all socioeconomic statuses to be born healthy.

Thank you,

[your name]


There. I promise, I'm a nice person. :)

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