Sunday, March 13, 2011

A letter to KV Pharmaceuticals regarding Makena

If you haven't heard about this, go check it out. Then, if you feel how I do, send the following letter to KV Pharmaceutical at this address: or you could call them at 314-645-6600.

Feel free to edit/add to it as you see fit. It may help if you share your own story.

If we don't take action when we feel strongly about something, greedy people with more money and power will continue to rule the world. Let's bombard them with e-mails and phone calls until they can't ignore us! Thanks for your help.


Dear KV Pharmaceutical,

Upon hearing the news of the price increase for the drug Makena, I felt obligated to express my feelings to you.

What do you think will happen if an expecting mother doesn’t have insurance to pay for this drug? Do you think she will find another way to pay for it? Did you know that $30,000 (the price of Makena for an entire pregnancy) almost totals the average annual income for American families? Do you think she’ll take out a loan to pay for Makena and ensure her baby’s health, when before Makena was pocket change? Do you think that’s what she should do? Or do you think that she’ll go without the drug and deliver prematurely? Yes, I think this is most likely. And what will happen when she delivers prematurely? Did you know that a baby born at 23 weeks gestation has a 17 percent chance of survival? And that a baby born at 24 weeks has a 39 percent chance of survival? And a 25 week baby has a 50 percent chance of survival? Did you know that if you make Makena unattainable to women who need it, you will be not only causing heartache in families and suffering for innocent babies, but you will be killing babies? Yes, you will be murderers. And why? To stuff your pockets. Your greed will kill babies.

Many women won't be able to have more children because of the increased price for Makena. Is it your right to decide when a person's family is complete? No, it is not. But you are taking away the rights of many mothers and it is wrong.

Please take these things into consideration.


(your name)


Megan said...

Well put. My own letter is sent and I am trying to recruit others to send letters as well. I hope they will be more reasonable but i fear nothing will change.

Sarah said...

I too am a mother of a premature baby. Thanks to the drug (prior the 1500 dollar price tag) my second baby was born healthy.

I want to do more to raise awareness of this issue.

Have you considered starting a grass roots organization on facebook? Are you aware that the March of Dimes accepts huge payouts from KV pharmacuticals and so are standing by the 30000 dollar treatment, leaving the mothers and babies it purports to represent behind?