Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March for Babies!

This will be our first year walking for the March of Dimes to raise money and awareness for premature babies! You can walk with us and/or donate in Caleb's name by clicking here.

To be honest, I was always a little bitter towards the March of Dimes. I remember seeing a list with these things on it while I was pregnant:

  • don't smoke, drink alcohol, or use illegal drugs
  • take a daily multivitamin containing folic acid
  • get early and regular prenatal care
  • ask your doctor about the over-the-counter and prescription medications you take
  • eat a well-balanced diet
  • get plenty of exercise
  • etc.
Ummm...check, check, check, check, check, check! I should have had a perfect pregnancy, right? Well, I certainly didn't! I thought, "If this is how the March of Dimes contributes, get rid of them! I did everything perfectly and my baby was still dangerously premature." It was a little bit offensive.

Then I realized what the March of Dimes really does to help:

Did you know that March of Dimes research helped contribute to the development of surfactant, a spray that goes into a premature baby's lungs to help the lungs expand so the baby can learn to breathe easier and faster with less lung damage? Because of surfactant, Caleb could breathe on his own when he was only a day and a half old! If he had been born 15 years earlier, he would have been on the ventilator for months!

Also, did you know that March of Dimes research helped contribute to the development of the medication that Caleb took that closed the duct in his heart (patent ductus arteriosus) so that he didn't need heart surgery? That was kind of a big deal!

Go here to see how marching for babies has already helped.

The March of Dimes really does a lot to save babies' lives. They are a worthwhile cause to donate to. They saved my baby.

One day all babies will be born healthy. Until then, we'll march!

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Ellie said...

Have you noticed how surfactant is listed as an ingredient in lots of cleaners etc? I suppose it makes sense, but I remember being a little confused when I saw it on the label of a bottle of bathroom cleaner while Noah was in the NICU... :)
Have fun marching!