Thursday, March 10, 2011

The things I learned this week:

Pacific Science Center Butterfly House, Seattle, WA

1) Caleb is a great road tripper. Seriously. Nine hours straight in his car seat (with probably two or three gas station breaks) was a cinch.

2) Caleb is great in hotel rooms. He slept better than I did, that's for sure.

3) Eating goes better once you cut your first molar...yes, Caleb has a molar. He's probably had it for a week now, and he's close to having another one. But he's still missing the pointy tooth between the front four teeth and the molars. (So, he has four on the bottom and almost six on the top--a total of nine currently.)

4) Eating also goes better when you take your appetite stimulant and zinc with your afternoon bottle instead of with dinner.

5) Eating is just going way better (other than the vomiting).

6) It's no fun when your baby throws up in the car in the middle of nowhere in the dark after eating a whole cup of yogurt.

7) Hotel shampoo is gross.

8) It's refreshing to not tell anyone that Caleb is a preemie.

9) My new sister-in-law has a beautiful singing voice (and makes a beautiful bride).

10) Washington is beautiful. Everything that I love about Minnesota is in Washington (except for the rest of my family): trees, lakes, green grass. Plus, Washington has cooler summers, warmer winters, and mountains. Mountains (and family) are the only thing that I like about Utah. And I don't mind the Washington rain (or vampires and werewolves). I actually rather like it. So...why would I not live in Washington? I don't know. I'm still asking myself that.

11) Caleb can be kept happy no matter what if you let him walk around holding your hands.

12) It is 100 percent worth it to buy a portable high chair for $24.


Heather said...

Dear Caleb, you rock! Way to deal with the car and hotels so well! I can't believe he's already getting molars. He looks so grown up and adorable in his high chair. Washington sounds beautiful. Did Nate think so too?

Nana said...

I love Washington also. It was a great place growing up on Whidbey Island. I love the mountains and all the rain and the green. I don't know what I'm doing in Minnesota when I love Washington so much. Maybe its because my family is in MN.