Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last night when The Boy got home from work, he watched The Kid so I could get out of the house to buy some diapers. When I got home, I pumped, got ready for bed, and then went to pump again. It was about midnight and...MY PUMP WOULDN'T WORK!!! Can you say, "DISASTROUS"??? Holy smokes! It just lost all suction, and was making a faint funny sound when turned up high.

So, this morning I called my super great friend, Laurie, and she met me in the parking lot of Babies 'R' Us to sit in the car with The Kid (since he still can't be exposed to the public yet) and I went in and bought pretty much the best pump out there with my 20 percent off coupon--a Medela Pump In Style Advanced--I should have bought that pump in the first place. The one I initially got cost almost half as much as the new one. I got it because it had great reviews, but after a few weeks my milk supply went from 800ML to 550ML. Bad, huh? And it just can't handle 5-8x a day use. I had it for less than two months. It was a Lansinoh Lightweight Double Electric pump. Bad choice.

I felt bad buying such a nice pump today when we're hoping that The Kid will learn how to breastfeed shortly, and if the pros say hope is slim, I planed on stopping pumping soon and living off of the ridiculously huge amount of breast milk I have stored in our deep freezer. But now, for the first time in the past 4.5 months, I look forward to pumping! And that, my friends, is worth every penny.

I'm happy now, and as they say, "When momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy!"There are 12 grocery bags in our freezer, each with over 60 2.5 oz bottles. That's over 1800 oz of milk! Now lets pray we don't have a power outage. I would cry. For days.


brenkachicka said...

Your next big purchase will be a generator. That stuff is like gold!

Katie B said...

Wow, talk about food storage!