Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Doctor & The Dentist

The Kid went to The Doc a few days ago. He now weighs 9 lbs 2.5 oz and measures 21.5 in. long! I feel sorry for all of you who gave birth to babies who were similar in size. In fact, I feel sorry for anyone who gave birth to a baby over 5 lbs. It doesn't look like fun. Not that giving birth to a 2.7 baby was would have been much better if he was full-term. Anyway...back to the topic at hand. The Kid is in the 25th percentile for height, 10th percentile for weight, and his head circumference...50th percentile. Poor kid has a Claypool head. Hopefully it's because of his humongo brain, not because of his very mild hydrocephalus.

As for The Dentist...we are becoming good friends. Let me preface this by saying that The Boy never flosses and he brushes at least twice a day, but he gags if he brushes for longer than about 20 seconds. I, on the other hand, always brush for a good long time twice a day and I floss (not every day, but a few times a week, anyway). Neither of us drink much pop. I do like my sweets, but I'm not over-the-top.

I have seen The Dentist three times in the past week. Once for a routine check-up and cleaning, once for a stinkin' ROOT CANAL!!!, and once for fillings. I still have two appointments to go back for more fillings and for a cap on my root canal tooth. Can you believe it? Unbelievable. I must have just inherited those awful British teeth. I could have sworn that I heard the hygienist saying to the dentist, "You know, for needing a root canal, she has pretty nice teeth." Never again will I go more than 6 months without getting x-rays. Is it even worth it to get pregnant again?? Well, at least if I have another 6 month pregnancy it won't mess up my tooth x-ray schedule that badly. Ugh.

And the worst part...after getting Novocaine, not only do I have to take crazy amounts of pain killers to be able to function, but I swell like mad! I seriously looked like I had a wisdom tooth out. Misery.

This was me a day or two after getting my wisdom teeth out my junior year of college. I'm the second from the left in the front row (coral shirt, khaki skirt). Life just isn't fair.

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Janae' said...

I am so glad you decided to blog!! I started my family blog in January of 2008 and love it!! You will be so glad you started it! :) So am I. It is so much more personal than facebook in my opinion. :)