Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Nana

My mom was visiting for the past week, helping out by washing dishes, feeding The Kid when I needed to pump, cleaning my house, and babysitting when I went to the dentist (more on that later...). I miss her. It was fun having her here, especially since it was her first time meeting The Kid.

The Nana brought with her The Dog--Meggie! Yes, it's spelled with an "e." It's short for Megan. And that way it forces you to pronounce it with a Minnesotan accent. HA! That's what you get for teasing me about the way I say "flag," and "bag," and "wagon." And for my use of the word supper. You wouldn't call it "the last dinner," now, would you??? That's what I thought.

The Dog and me during my high school years.

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