Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Extended Fam

The Kid crossed state lines for the first time this weekend. Yep--we went to Idaho to visit The Pursers. The Kid had never met his great-grandma and great-grandpa Purser. They loved him, and he loved them. There were a lot of smiles shared. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the three of them together. Next time.

He also met his great-great-grandma Purser. How many of you can say you have a five-generation family picture? You? No? Well...I can.
The Boy, The Kid, The Grandpa, The Great-Grandpa, and The Great-Great-Grandma

There is only about 97 years difference between the two Pursers in this picture. She couldn't get over how cute his overalls and tiny socks were. Hehe.

Three handsome Purser men whom I dearly love.One who dearly loves his thumb.

My cutie in pinstripes.

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Katie B said...

I adore that suit.

I only put up the pictures of myself in which I have put makeup on. Most days, it's all natural