Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sisters & Laws...Sister-in-Laws...I mean Sisters-in-Law

The Boy's sister, who we will call Auntie Rissy, is now in the Missionary Training Center. She is now learning Tagalog and before we know it will be in the Philippines. The next time we see her will be Christmas 2011. The Kid will be two. Weird. We miss her already!

My brother, Unca Dubba, is on his way to getting me a new sister-in-law! (But not to replace Auntie Rissy...we'll get her back before we know it.) He proposed to his girlfriend, and she said "yes!" The story of his proposal is a cute one. He plays hockey and she's a figure skater, so they were at the rink skating together and three times he sprayed snow on her (you know, how hockey players do). The third time he said, "Here, let me clean that off for you." He brushed her skates off, got on one knee, held out a BEAUTIFUL ring, and said, "will you marry me?" CUTE!! They are looking to tie the knot in March 2011. I still have never met her, but I probably will at Christmas this year.


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