Saturday, June 12, 2010


The Boy has a cousin who is six months older than him. When The Boy was born, he was in the six-pound range, and his cousin was in the 20s at that point.

The Boy's cousin now has a baby who was born one month before The Kid's due date. The Kid is now 10 lbs 6 oz, and The Boy's cousin's baby is about 25 pounds. Yep. Holy smokes.

And remember...The Kid is actually two months older.

The Big Baby's wrist is about as big around as The Kid's thigh. He eats more than twice as much during a feeding as The Kid does.

They are just like their dads. And that's a good thing. They both have great dads.
And here is just another cute picture of our family. We kinda match. Blue and white. Go Cougars!

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brenkachicka said...

Yeah, I really think genetics has a lot to do with The Kid's size!