Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who doesn't like food...?

The Kid saw The Doc again on Wednesday. He weighs 11 lbs 2 oz! I thought he'd never break the 11 lb barrier! Yet still, he is gaining slowly. Now that he is 7.5 months old (4.5 months adjusted) he's ready to beef up by eating...CEREAL!

His first attempt:

I love his expressions. What a funny kid.

The high chair straps were as tight as they could go, and I still had to scoot him up all throughout the feeding.

His first feeding went...well...alright. I think he swallowed on accident about twice, so he did ingest some food. The feeding ended by him crying and crying.

The next night he ate the whole bowl! Well, a bowl being one tablespoon of cereal mixed with about an ounce of milk. But he ate it all!

And last night he ate it all again, only quicker! Way to go, Kid!

I can't believe my child is growing up. *sniff*sniff*

I knew it would happen. And really, it's happened extremely slowly, so I can't complain.



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Heather said...

hahaha what awesome faces!