Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Airline Travel with an Infant

The Kid and I are planning to fly to the Northwoods to see my family for Memorial Day. The Boy is staying home to work. We will miss him. A lot. :(

I have never flown with a baby before. What things do I need to know? It'll be just The Kid and me.

I was thinking that since he is such an easy-going baby and so small that it wouldn't be worth it to lug his car seat with through the terminal. I talked with the airline, and they said that the attendants will be as accommodating as possible in terms of letting me be by an open seat where I could put the car seat. Is it worth it to bring the car seat?

Someone told me that I should have The Kid suck on something for take-off and landing, to keep the pressure in his ears from hurting him.

I have two toys that I plan to bring which are small that always seem to entertain The Kid.

What else should I know? What do I absolutely need to have with me on the plane and what will I think that I need that I should actually not bring? Any other tips?

Thanks, everyone!


Heather said...

Well I definitely don't know from any personal experiences, but I have heard some parents admit that they brought along baby tylenol in case of a screaming baby.

brenkachicka said...

Bring along the mindset that you will not be on an airplane forever. It's really just a very short ride.
Try flying the red eye from Honolulu to LA with a SCREAMING toddler. (I think it was eight hours. However long it was I TRY to forget it.)
Here's some links:

You and I both know that it is very rare for turbulance to get so bad that your baby could fly from your arms, but the risk is still there. That's why I'd bring the car seat. If there's a seat for it, then it would be safest that way.

Nana said...

You're lucky you're traveling with just 1 baby. I'm sure Kerry has good ideas since she's a lot closer to the memory of traveling with an infant than I am! You and Jenna were 3 months old when I went to Whidbey Island for a visit. I also took along 2 of the older kids. We couldn't sit together and that was worrisome. But when you get here I do still have that small portable crib that Jenna used. You can use that for Caleb wherever you're at. I'm excited you're coming!!!