Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Run-Around

Well, The Kid and I spent a nice morning hanging out at the airport. And then we came home. The Granddad (my dad) is a pilot and we get to fly for free if we go standby. Which, coincidentally, means that sometimes we don't get to fly at all. I guess everyone wanted to go to Minneapolis today. The flights were all more than full, so there was no space for The Kid and me. Sad. So sad.

So, after a few hours of waiting, we decided to get our checked bag and head back home. But checked bag made it to Minneapolis without me. Stink. I thought there were protocols in place to keep that from happening...? I guess my huge bag slipped through the cracks.

There may be hope that we can catch a flight tomorrow, so I haven't yet filled out the paperwork that is necessary should I want to some day retrieve my luggage in the great state of Utah. But I can't do it over the phone. I'll have to go back to the airport. And then I'll have to go back when my suitcase gets there. Oh, boy. What a run-around.

But at least The Kid was a good sport. He's a good almost traveler.
Just deck him out in toys and he'll be happy.

And all I got when I got home was more run-around. But...this is the kind I like.

Meggie Dog sure knows how to make you feel good about coming home.


brenkachicka said...

I am sad. I wish you were here right now eating Dairy Queen Ice Cream Birthday Cake. It was cute. It had a bike on it and said, "Happy Birthday Isabella" in pink.

Nana said...

Meggie is a sweetheart! But I guess all that running made her thirsty. The boy sure does look happy dressed in toys! I hope to see you soon!