Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleeping Handsome

The Kid has taken to sleeping like a diva lately.

Even when he's just hanging out, he likes to have his hands behind his head.

Looks relaxing, doesn't it?

He's so chill.

Other funny things The Kid does lately:
  • Sucks on both thumbs at once (hard to catch on camera)
  • Sucks on his thumb when taking a bottle (also hard to catch)
  • Sucks on two fingers at once (either pointer and middle or middle and ring)
  • Howls like a wolf puppy when irked (you know, when I'm trying to nurse him and he'd rather have a bottle, or when he's on his tummy and would rather be on his back--it's adorable)
  • Smiles at strangers at church
  • Uses his eyebrows to show how he feels
  • Charms everyone by flashing around his great, big, handsome eyes

PS--He looks just like my identical twin sister here. Cutie.


Val said...

The many faces of the Kid! Love it- he is so full of expressions! Beautiful eyes!

Katie B said...

I was just going to point out how great his eyes are. Do they look more like yours or Yaj Pov's? I hope my boys are as cute as yours!

The Girl said...

I think he has my eyes and The Boy's smile. And Katie, your boys will be gorgeous!! I can't wait to see them!

Laurie Suhaka said...

I can't wait to hold him on Saturday! And I don't think I have ever seen a baby hold that darling position before! I hope that chill behavior lasts for awhile!

maefly81 said...

I can't wait to meet him! You need to come home!

brenkachicka said...

His eyes! WOW! What cuteness!

Niki said...

Oh my heavens he is cute! And so big!

Thanks for commenting on our blog and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write you at all! Your blog is so fun to read! You're such a good Mom!