Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How We Go

The Kid is a good traveler. He travels in style and comfort.

Our favorite way to go is all wrapped up. Here we are after going on our first walk just a few days after The Kid came home from the hospital (so he was about eight pounds). We walked like this today (he's over ten pounds now) and it kinda felt like I was largly pregnant...I think. Only, I wasn't uncomfortable. You get uncomfortable, right? I wouldn't know. :P The Wrap is comfy because it distributes the baby's weight across your shoulders, back, and waist. I made my wrap out of muslin so it's cool for hot days. It was cold out today, so I wore a zip-up hoodie and we both stayed snug and warm. And because the baby stays tight against you, you don't have to worry about kinked heads that cut off airways. That's very important. I would still have worried (because I'm like that) but The Kid has a heart/apnea monitor, so I KNOW that he stays safe! And it's comforting that I can feel him breathe.
You can make your own wrap out of five yards of your choice of fabric. Just cut the fabric up the middle (the long way) and voila--you have two! For instructions on how to put it on, go here.

Next: Car travel!
The most important aspect of car seats is how long your baby can sit rear-facing, since rear-facing is the very, very safest way to travel in a vehicle. The Safety 1st OnBoard 35 infant seat holds a baby who weighs up to 35 pounds and measures 32 inches. That's a big baby!

The reason why I chose this one above other infant seats that hold up to 35 pounds is because the minimum weight it safely holds is four pounds. That's a tiny baby! Even though The Kid was twice that size when he came home from the hospital, what if I have another preemie who is smaller than The Kid when he comes home? I want to have a car seat that fits! It comes with all sorts of cool inserts to keep the baby snug and safe, which is important, because you can't use inserts in car seats unless they are made for that seat/brand.

Here is The Kid with the hip inserts and double head inserts while in the hospital. Not too flattering, I know.

Here he is a little bigger with just the main head insert. Still not so flattering. Sorry. It's tough.

All grown up--the size of a normal baby.

And now: another way to walk! Many small umbrella-style strollers aren't able to be used with
infants, but the Chicco Lightway stroller reclines entirely so that tiny babies without good head control can use it. It is also very easy to push and maneuver. The best part...it folds up so, so small to fit easily in a car trunk or a coat closet. Also, the visor is larger than most, so it keeps the shade and wind off very well; it has a rain guard to cover the feet (works very well for stuffing blankets into to keep the little guy warm); and the basket underneath is rather large--and can be removed and used as a backpack! Cool, right? I love my stroller.

It's not the least expensive stroller on the block, but compared to others with the same great qualities, it's a great deal.

I use it a lot when I'm outside doing yard work. See how cozy The Kid is? Well...you really can't see, can you?

There he is! Kinda...

Oh, THERE he is! And his tongue, too! What a goof.

And the best way to keep a warm head...


He's so stylin', thanks to The Grandma and The Grandpa...and Build-A-Bear. That's the best place for preemie accessories. Now I want a Paul Bunyan bear to match my lumberjack baby.


Katie B said...

ha ha ha, Build a Bear! How funny!

I'll definitely be making those wraps, thanks for the link!

brenkachicka said...

you made your wrap?
And who guided you in your car seat choice?
and if I recall someone was with you to explain how wonderful it is to have a compact high-end stroller that doesn't take up ALL the room in your trunk?
Give a little credit where credit is due!
haha - I hope you know I am teasing you!