Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meggie...or Marley?

The Dog gave us a scare.

When she came here from The Northwoods, after she had been here for just over a week, she threw up. Blood. Not all blood, but little specks, all throughout. It scared me, understandably, so I called The Vet from back home. They said not to worry unless she stopped eating and drinking, didn't seem like herself, or threw up bigger blood clots. She looked fine to me, so I just watched her.

A few weeks ago, she threw up blood again. But she still looked fine, so I tried to ignore it.

Yesterday, it happened again. I couldn't ignore it any more, so I called a vet here in The Valley. This morning we went in. The most likely candidate was a tumor. The Vet felt her throat, which he said was very irritated. I was very worried. She's been my dog for ten years. She's so good with kids; I couldn't imagine raising my family without her. So, I did what I do. I showed her love, and then I distanced myself from her. I told myself, "She has to die some day. Big deal." I have some really unhealthy coping mechanisms...I know. The Vet wanted to do some blood work and x-rays, which would take a few hours, so they had me leave her with them.

It was sad going home without her.

A little while later The Vet called--with what he called "interesting" news. Meggie didn't have any tumors, but she had four small metal rods in her digestive system. Not nails, but about the size of small, one-inch nails. All four the same.

Since when did Meggie Dog get an appetite for odd things?

So, now she's on four meds that need given twice a day. As if my child's feeding schedule isn't demanding enough. Hopefully she gets rid of the rods without any further harm to her digestive system. The meds will help with that.

I'm just glad that she gets to stick around a little while longer. We like her.

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