Monday, April 19, 2010

The (Bother) Dog

Meggie Dog somehow got it into her head that she needs a treat at least once a day. Maybe it's because every day (or every meal, rather) for the past ten years my dad gave her a part of what he ate. Tisk tisk.

We want her to be happy with us in The Valley, so we have been giving her a treat once a day--but no table scraps. One night we were going up to bed and The Boy was calling Meggie to come up the stairs. She wouldn't come. He asked me if she had her treat for the day. She hadn't. And she just would not go to bed without getting it.

When my mom brought her here from Minnesota, the first thing I did when she got into the house was give her a milk bone. She proceeded to hide it. First in the corner of the dining room where we had a paint drop cloth. She tried to dig the plastic over the treat. That didn't suffice. She tried behind the dryer. Not good enough. Then the computer desk. Nope. Then the TV. Nope. I think by that point she either thought there was no threat in the house and it was safe to eat her bone or she was just too darn hungry. She ate it.

Another day I gave her a treat in the middle of the afternoon instead of before bed. I was in The Kid's room changing his diaper and Meggie Dog was in my bedroom with her milk bone. Then I heard The Boy's radio come on. We don't have night stands at the moment (that's what part of our tax refund is for) and The Dog was in the corner behind The Boy's books trying to find a safe hiding place for her treat. She stepped on the "on" button. I turned off the radio, uncovered the bone, said, "See, Meggie, that's not a good place to hide it. I found it. Ha." and proceeded to finish dressing The Kid. Then I heard the radio again. Crazy Dog. I turned it off and Meggie decided that it was best to eat her bone.

Meggie wanting my brownie.

Meggie waiting for her Beggin' Strip. She just couldn't hold still. She never tries to hide her Beggin' Strips. They're just too yummy. She can't risk any other dog finding it. Even if she hides it in such a good place as behind the dryer.
PS--When I told my niece that Meggie was going to come live with us (at that time she was living with my sister's family) she said, "I'll miss her, even though she is a Bother Dog."


brenkachicka said...

AH! We do miss her.

Katie B said...

aw, what a cute pup. How mean of you to mess up her hiding places :)

Val said...

Next thing you know, the kid will be finding them and munching on 'em. Teething biscuit?! Nothing you kids haven't tried at one time or another!!!