Monday, April 5, 2010

If you laugh about it it hurts less.

Seriously? Look. Kate Gosselin carried her sextuplets to 30 weeks gestation. The smallest of the six weighed 2 lbs 7.5 oz--that's half an ounce bigger than my kid. The Octomom carried her EIGHT babies to 31 weeks gestation. Seriously. And I can't even take one baby past 27 weeks and one day. I have the same fertility problem as Kate (polycystic ovary syndrome). With the fertility meds I have to take, I have a 10 percent chance of having twins. Can you say "bedrest"? Yikes.
Four days before The Kid came.
My first time touching him.With The Boy's wedding ring.
You must understand...The Boy's ring finger is a girl's size 8.5. It's pretty small.

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brenkachicka said...

I love miracles. Especially the kid.