Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mad Skill

My mom, The Nana, made this adorable bear for The Kid. She crocheted it herself and I picked the color of yarn for the hat and scarf. She's thinking about selling them. She makes custom orders for the color of bear and accessories. She could also make different accessories, if you'd like. What do you think her asking price should be? Would any of you be interested in buying one? They are rather big. See?

As a bonus, they also come with a cardboard heart in the chest that she can put a special message on. The Kid's says, "I love you." Awww!

She also made this a-stinkin'-dorable clown that accompanied The Kid in his bed during his NICU stay.What do you think an appropriate price would be for The Clown?

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Val said...

Hoo-boy! Now I've got to get out my yarn and hook and start creating again! I signed up on ETSY as NanasDarlings but haven't a thing to show on there yet! Don't worry, it doesn't take long, I've been working on a grey (grulla) pony that I'll have to finish! The grandkids say it looks like a short-legged donkey so I have some tweaks to do on the next one. The g-kids get the prototype! Nana