Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Five-Month Birthday, Kid!

Today is the five-month anniversary of The Kid's birth. Five months ago...sheesh. It's so strange to think about the reality of that day. I woke up thinking that I'd be pregnant in that awful hospital bed for three months and by the afternoon I had a baby! It's been crazy since then, and yet the most wonderful five months ever. I can't imagine my life without The Kid.

At five months (two months adjusted age), The Kid...
  • weighs 9 lbs 8 oz,
  • wants to sleep through the night, but can't get enough to eat if he doesn't get an extra bottle in the we've been waking him up so that we don't have to put his NG feeding tube in,
  • knows that his arms and legs belong to him--he kicks his toys with determination and pulls his NG tube out with precision and accuracy (and scratches his face as he pulls at his tube, no matter how short his fingernails are cut),
  • wears size one diapers, newborn outfits, and 0-3 month onesies,
  • can roll to either side,
  • loves to smile and "talk," especially before feeding time and at The Girl, The Boy, The Grandma, and The Grandpa.
The Kid's growth is being documented with his little buddy, Flat Stanley. I have dreams of him taking Flat Stanley to school with him for show-and-tell, along with the first picture of him...

at one week old.
Then here at nine weeks old (four pounds bigger than at one week old).
Three months old.
And today! Five months old. Seven pounds bigger than the original Flat Stanley picture.
What a miracle.


brenkachicka said...

What a cute miracle!
I can see him posing for pics at the MTC with Flat Stanly in his hand!

Lisa said...

He's looking great!