Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Mornings

The Kid always...always...wakes up on the right side of the bed. Even for his night feedings, he wakes me up by grunting, not crying. A normal feeding routine goes like this:

1) The Kid starts getting really smiley. He "talks" to me, cooing and smiling like mad.
2) After a few minutes of being extremely happy, he'll throw in a little bit of a cry. Just a few seconds. And it's usually sandwiched between coos.
3) The Hungry Leg gets goin'. You'll see.
4) If he doesn't get any attention after a minute or two (i.e., we change his diaper, move him into a new position, give him his binky, etc.) he cries until he gets attention. Then he stops.
5) Once his bottle is warm and he's on my lap, he'll cry a little more if the bottle isn't in his mouth fast enough.

This is big for him. The fact that The Kid can feel hunger--on time--and tell us--shows a lot of improvement from when he was full-term in the hospital. He's just been too content his whole life. The NICU OT even said that he had the best temperament out of all of the babies in the NICU. I love it when he gets ravishingly hungry. It means that he's closer to being an independent eater. I wanted to cry for joy the first time I heard his "hungry cry." It was music to my ears.

The cutest coo ever.

All smiles, first thing in the AM.

The Hungry Leg. He was cooing before and after this video was taken, too.

(These were all taken about a month ago. Caleb is now almost a pound bigger.)

See what I mean? I think I could handle three babies at once, if they all had The Kid's personality. I would just hope that they were at LEAST 30-something weekers. That's my goal for next time. Not three babies at once, but one baby in the 30s. 37 would be nice. 39 doesn't sound so fun, but I'd take it. It would still be better than the 20s. I'd just like a third trimester next time.

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*Alice Anne* said...

OMG - that hungry leg is the funniest thing ever!!! Ha ha ha!