Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Horses are Home!

The Shed

The Granddad was out here for a few days and worked really hard to get our yard horse-ready. A huge reason why we bought our house is for the acre with animal rights, which is hard to find in Utah Valley in our price range. Our house is perfect for us (although by no means perfect) and now it is perfect for our ponies!

Our family is now all together. The Dog is here, The Horses are here, and most importantly, The Kid is home. Now we can all relax and enjoy our lovely life. Well, now we have more chores, and we still have a lot to worry about with The Kid, but the view out of our back windows is better, and when I need a 20-minute sanity break, all I have to do is step out of our back door. It's lovely.
See? Hank is happy, too! (Visiting with Cody, the neighbor horse.)

They make The Mountains so much prettier.


Katie B said...

oh that's so fun! The horses AND the dog! A big happy family all in your own house. It's the simple things in life that are the best

Val said...

I consider my horses my 'therapists'. A good talk with one of them or a ride and it brightens everything up! Even the mountains look prettier with a horse in the foreground! You have a wonderful little family and I miss you sooo much!