Friday, April 9, 2010

Purser's a Nurser!

The Kid and I have spent the last few weeks practicing breast feeding, and just a few days ago something clicked. (They told me something would click within the few weeks preceeding his due date, which was two months ago now. Hmmm.) Since he has his feeding tube in, I have been checking the contents of his tum-tum before and after breastfeeding to see how much he gets. He shattered his old record of 8 ML. He got 30. Whoa. And he made it look easy. Not a lot of struggle. It was nice. Kind of, I think, how breast feeding is supposed to be. And he's been consistent. The last four mornings The Kid has gotten 30, 39, 25, & 24 ML.

We had an appointment with The Lactation Lady at the pediatrician's office yesterday. She was thoroughly impressed with the handiness of the NG tube when it comes to looking at the contents of The Kid's stomach. She was also impressed with how well he nursed. She went to tell The Doc how The Kid has been doing, and he said, "So, Purser's a nurser, huh?" I like The Doc. And yes, Purser IS a Nurser!

Recently, I've been thinking that it will be just as likely that The Kid will learn how to nurse as it is that he won't be able to cut it with bottle feedings and will need surgery for a g-tube. Opposite ends of the spectrum, same likelihood. Just another "wait and see." But The Lactation Lady said that she thinks The Kid will be nursing well within a month or so. And apparently she's a miracle worker, so if she says it then maybe I can believe it. How nice would that be?

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