Sunday, April 11, 2010

The (Crazy) Horse

Our next door neighbors have a horse and a daughter who is about my age. We decided to be riding buddies. My horses aren't yet at our house, but they are being boarded only about one mile down the road, so yesterday I drove to the barn, tacked up Hank, and met my neighbor for a little trail ride. (Ok, not really a trail ride, since you'd have to trailer your horse to any trails, but we rode through a neighborhood or two to a little park with a big patch of grass and no "no horses" signs. It started out well. Hank seemed really happy to get out. He was walking very briskly with his ears forward the whole way to the park. Once we got there I asked him to canter a little, and he TOOK OFF! Boy, was he feeling his oats!

I spent the next 30 minutes fighting with him to keep him from taking off with me. A mom and three little kids came from a house across the street to say "hi" to the horses, but I couldn't let Hank get close to them--he couldn't stop moving for even a second. Good thing Cody is a good horse and appreciated a little scratch from a toddler who couldn't stop smiling and saying, "horsey!"

The ride back was just as bad. I'm impressed that I still have that kind of strength to my arms since this was only my third time riding since The Kid was born in November. Hank was taken out of lessons at that time, too (he used to be a lesson horse for kids with disabilities, believe it or not). He was very happy to get out. And to not be in an arena.

Now I have blisters on my hands and I was too tired and sore to get up with The Kid early this morning. Good thing The Boy is such a good sport. What would I do without him?

Now I want to see a chiropractor. My back hurts.

Not bad for a 21-year-old horse, huh?

Some pictures of us competing in our younger years.
Can you imagine this horse giving lessons to kids with disabilities? Pretty incredible.

Western Pleasure at the MN State 4-H Horse Show
English Equitation at the same show--versatile horse, huh?
Just a little backyard practice.
Our much younger years.
Yeah, he's still got it. We may have to get us some blue ribbons at some shows this summer.


maefly81 said...

here I was thinking the other horse was crazy! I love Hank and I'm so glad he's still feeling good. He's such an amazing horse.

brenkachicka said...

I still think he's the prettiest horse I've ever seen. I remember when mom and dad decided to buy him. They brought home a picture to show us. I was in love! I took the picture to school with me. Not many of my friends "got" it, but a couple who did "get" horses were very impressed! I'm not a big horse person, but Hank is special. So glad he's still feeling his oats at 21!

The Girl said...

I remember grooming him in the yard one spring (when I was about 5) until he was so shiny and thinking, "If he ever went to a horse show, he'd win!" I thought horses were judged on how pretty they were, and he was definitely the prettiest!

Lindsee said...

Anna has a blog!! Yay!!! So glad to see your little guy doing so well! He really is adorable. And you finally have Meggie (I laughed about all that Minesota accent stuff). So good to hear from you, thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours. I am just enjoying life in my fake-green home ;) By the way, are you just so happy that Conan's show got cancelled? Hahaha!

*Alice Anne* said...

OMG! Horseys! This reminds me of when I used to go watch my friend Sue ride horses at the horse shows in GA. Memories... :)