Thursday, May 17, 2012

Caleb is 30 months old!

Can you believe my little boy is two and a half already?  Wow!  At 30 months, Caleb:

  • Finally wears some 18-month clothes!  They still look pretty big on him, but the 12-month clothes are looking a bit small, so we decided to be optimistic and went shopping.  :)  Of course, he still wears a lot of 12-month clothes
  • Is 22 lbs 8 oz.  Two months ago he was 22 lbs 13 oz.  He lost weight.  MAJOR bummer.  He has only gained 1 lb 7 oz in the last six months.  Soooo not cool
  • Wears size 4 diapers and occasionally (once every couple of weeks) shows interest in the potty
  • Talks like a madman!  He says things like, "Mommy, Baby Russell is a little bit sleepy." and "I wanna go outside and ride my blue bike!"
  • Understands everything I say to him
  • May need speech therapy to help him speak more clearly and lower his high, squeaky voice.  I think his brain is just going too fast to be concerned with the little things like saying "truck" instead of "guck."  But it's ok!  He already has a speech therapist coming to our house once a month to work on feeding therapy, so we'll just give it a double whammy
  • Hasn't really made much progress with fine and gross motor skills at all in the past six months.  He just had his IFSP (individual family service plan, through Early Intervention) and he is slightly delayed in these areas, but the bigger concern is that he only improved by about two months in the last six months.  I think it has a lot to do with his size, actually.  Of course he can't jump down from the bottom's really far down, when you're so short!  But a bigger concern is that he can barely pull his pants up when they slip down low on his waist.  And he can't take off his clothes.  And he can barely jump with both feet off of the ground.  Of course, these things aren't going to be life-altering skills, and they will come with time, especially now that I'm aware of them.  But if he needs help to accomplish these little milestones, we welcome it!  So there is a possibility that he will need physical therapy through the school district six months from now when he gets kicked out of early intervention.  But it really depends on how much he progresses in the next six months.
  • Is going to get some help in therapy to work on his attention span.  Thank goodness!  His short attention span is exhausting, and that is one thing (other than eating) that I worry about when he gets older.  If he can't channel his energy towards good things, then he is going to have a really, really hard time in school.  I still don't think he has ADHD, but his feeding therapist says that it's not abnormal in a preemie with brain bleeds, so we'll have to wait and see.  I'm very hopeful that he can use his energy to excel, so I'm excited to have professional help in my efforts to make that happen
  • Is obsessed with cars!  He knows, "Auntie Jenna drive a white car.  Gaylene drive a gray car.  Grandma Grandpa drive a blue car.  Auntie Rissa drive a purple car."  He loves, loves, loves our gray truck!
  • Knows that Daddy's name is Nate and Mommy's name is Anna.  But I think he thinks all Mommies are named Anna, because his best friend, Nash, has a mommy named Anna, too....
  • Can name almost all of the kids in Church nursery
  • Is very good at identifying emotions in others (in person, in books, and on TV)
  • Can sing his whole ABCs.  Sometimes he makes mistakes, but he is capable of doing it flawlessly
  • Loves to sing "Twinkle Star" to keep his mind occupied while playing and while laying awake in his crib
  • Loves his baby brother and gets so happy when Russell smiles at him or reaches for his face
  • Most often requests that Mommy sings "Rock-a-bye Song" (Rock-a-bye Baby).  It's his favorite
  • Is only able to tolerate 6 oz of formula every three hours; less if he eats orally.  If we give him more, he throws up.  Sometimes even if we don't give him more, he still throws up.  Since discovering that he has lost weight, and since he has basically stopped peeing this week, we have added a 3AM feeding.  He now: gets tube fed at 10AM, eats orally at noon with a tube feeding right after, gets tube fed at 3PM, eats orally at 6PM with a tube feeding right after, gets tube fed at 9PM, gets tube fed in his sleep at midnight, and gets tube fed in his sleep at 3AM.  I have two things to say about this: 1) Thank goodness Russell is sleeping at least 7 hours at night, and 2) Thank goodness my kids are cute.  If not for those two things, my life just might be too much
  • Hasn't even come close to climbing out of his crib and will remain in a crib until he does!
  • Is still rear-facing in his car seat
  • Will sporadically make a few loops on a piece of paper, look at his creation, and say, "It's a helicopter!"  When I look at it...yes, yes it does indeed look like a helicopter!  Then he does it again, only this time it's a dolphin, that actually looks sort of like a dolphin, etc.
  • Loves to play the "Word Game."  I write a word using a big marker in our special notebook and then tell him what it says.  And we go on and on.  Apparently this, not learning individual letters in the alphabet, is the beginning of learning how to read.  Letters are too abstract for a young mind, but words are not.  Letters come on their own after words are learned.  Interesting, huh?  Either way, Caleb enjoys our "game," so I'll keep doing it
  • Loves more than anything to spend time outside in our backyard exploring.  He also loves going to the park
  • Has a favorite food: "white chips" (aka, potato chips).  I can feel good about him eating them, too!  They're 9.4 calories per chip!
  • Can identify and name all sorts of dinosaurs...brachiosaurus, t-rex, triceratops...
  • Is so funny and entertaining that I wish I could videotape every second of my day with him so I could catch all of the little things that he does and share them with you.  Unfortunately he has stage fright.  He won't even sing Twinkle Star or his ABCs for the camera.  But I really do wish I could store away memories of every little thing he does and says.  I'm loving this stage of development!


amyeli33 said...

Yeah. It seems like two year old kids should be able to jump up and down in the way you were talking about, but you shouldn't worry too much about him not talking perfectly. Some older kids have speech problems. Caleb seems really smart in other areas. It is just too bad you have to worry about feeding him so many times slowly so he doesn't get sick. I am glad Russell has been sleeping well lately. I am sure that helps a lot. It will be cool to meet both of them someday and see pictures of Russell when he gets bigger/older too. :)

Heather said...

What a blessing to get help in those extra areas. Most parents would love professional help for their child's challenges since we all have stuff we worry about. I wish you could record Caleb's whole day too. Moms get to see the best of the best! I can't believe Caleb is really 30 months! He amazes me with all he can do.